Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bachelorette Re-Cap

Alrighty folks. I don't know what happened to Holly, but since she hasn't posted her re-cap, I will do a little ditty. Don't get too excited because I can't re-hash it all. It has long been deleted from my DVR, but I have to say,

I enjoyed it.

It was like UMPTEEN MILLION times better than when Jake chose that freakshow Vienna(Betcha he is sad he did that!) I think it was because of the genuineness of the people. Although Ali's love for Frank bugged me (he was SO weird), she won my heart over in the long run with her level head and big heart.

I don't think I remember thinking that a Bachelorette/Bachelor couple would make it as much as I think these two will. That being said, the chances are slim, of course. But do you remember Andrew Firestone and Jen Scheft? I really did think they were going to make it. And they dated for what... almost a year before breaking up? She was smart, and level headed too, and she proved it by not choosing ANY of the guys when she was the Bachelorette! (Smart girl) Eventhough they didn't make it, I think I am rooting for Ali and Rerberto (spelling error intended) as much as I was rooting for Andrew and Jen. And now look at Andrew and Jen, they are both happily married (not to each other albeit) but to others and are living very stable lives. (Not much can be said for the rest of the heaping pile of dysfunctional Bachelors/ettes.)




He is just too nice of a guy. I mean, a former school teacher, who coached kids and left his job to care for his convalescing mom? Seriously? I mean, I see why Ali didn't choose him. He is reserved. (Did you see some of his outtakes though? Seriously funny) And Ali is a fruit pie. She is as nutty as they come, and Rerberto loved it. And although he isn't as nutty, he TOTALLY accepts her nutty-ness and calls it cute and her perfect. So in my opinion, she picked the RIGHT GUY FOR HER. But not the right guy. Know whatimean?

Chris L. *Sigh*

And kudos go to Ali for leaving the Bach team and their producers in a lurch when she sent Chris home. FINALLY someone who does something for the right reasons, no matter what the consequences. She did the right thing, we all knew it. And at that moment, for a slight second, I thought. . . you know? This show is inspiring...... JUST KIDDING.

I liked it. I wasn't quite sure leading up that Rerberto was going to take the plunge, but it looks like he did, both literally and figuratively. The guy was COVERED in sweat. (So, stinkin' romantic--NOT) Chris Harrison's blog said that he also fell into the water when he was getting out of that boat AND that he had to climb a LONG WAYS to get up to that platform. Poor guy. Why didn't they just CHOPPER him in?

Loves to you all who wanted a re-cap. THERE.YOU.GO.


Emily said...

i got bored by the beginning part and fast forwarded until i saw Ali hugging Chris and crying! then i had to do a serious rewind. i knew i missed something-they are the most promising ones i have seen in a LONG time!

Emily said...

i got bored by the beginning part and fast forwarded until i saw Ali hugging Chris and crying! then i had to do a serious rewind. i knew i missed something-they are the most promising ones i have seen in a LONG time!

Cindy and Quent said...

Thanks Lindz!!! Loved your recap, I actually liked the way Ali was bold enough to send Chris home before the final date.

Not sure I'd pick any of the men to be the next bachelor ... maybe new blood is needed!

Emily said...

awww man it posted it twice for no good reason sorry!

Hollyween said...

Do I really need to do a recap of my own after your awesome one? You said it all perfect.

I've just been too busy enjoying my new baby and having my boobs out to feed all. day. long. to get to my recap. I feel bad cuz I promised it would be this morning at the latest and it's totally not there.

I suck.

Andrus Family said...

Hey Lindsey! It's Ali:) I don't have a facebook account so maybe email, or via my blog will be the best way to get any details to me about your pampered chef events...really looking forward to it! and I absolutely appreciated your recap....I missed more of this season than I wanted to:)

Pete Pages said...

I agree with most of your points (at first I thought that Chris would be a great bachelor, but now I'm re-thinking that) and yes I thought that Jen and Andrew would make it too. Loved her. I'm interested to see if you thought that Ryan and Trista would "make it," assuming you were watching back then. I am more of a "Ryan" fan than a "Trista" fan, but then again, Ryan was my first boyfriend back in Jr. High, and is seriously a great guy- the real deal. True story.

Leah said...

Sweet. Thanks Lindsey. I totally agree. They will cast wierdo bachelorettes for good ratings and Chris should be able to pick from a group of normal people.

And holy cow, did you see how skinny Chris L. got between the finale and ATFR? He must have lost 20 pounds. I felt bad for him.

And your friend needs to post more scoop about her and Ryan!

Jill said...

Perfect recap. LOVED your thoughts. I had read in trash magazines that Roberto and Chris were players and saw pictures of them with other women, so then I was kinda slanted. I didn't really think Roberto was that genuine. Dang those trash mags. Now I see that he DOES seem pretty genuine and I think they are super cute together. We'll see how long they make this last!!
Chris was hot at the final rose. Skinny and tan. Oh la la.
It was a great season. Good ending. Now what the heck are we supposed to do?

Lauren in GA said...

Please tell Holly she doesn't suck. She should just link your to you. ☺


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