Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

I ACTUALLY downloaded the pictures off my cell phone today. Yup. I did. Like just now, and it is a big deal people, because it was seriously hard to figure out. And if you are like me, 1/2 the pictures that you take of your family are on your cell phone and what good are they to you if you can't get them off.
I ask you.

What good are they?

Screen saver on your phone good, and that is about it.

Now, I know this is old news, but since I now have new pix, I might have to back track a little in my life. Not because I am making a "blog book" cuz, I am not, but rather, because sometimes, the most fabulous pictures are taken on your cell phone, where there is no other hope to capture the moment, and thus, it is.

This is Kaylin, playing on the shores of the Spokane River where we spent a couple of weeks this summer. . Isn't it a great pic? Circa 1978? I don't know what it is, but the coloring and lighting make it look like just about every picture I have of myself when I was a kid.

This is my study on trees. I wanted the tops, and I wanted the bottoms, and I wanted the flowers on the ground in the shot too. Not quite there in this one.

Better in this one,

And this is best. Although my camera doesn't do those flowers justice, they were beautiful beyond measure.

And this is an iridescent picture of one of the weirdest nights of my life. Kaylie and kids were playing on the couch one minute, the last night of our visit to Washington and I was juuuuuuuuuust getting ready to leave the house to watch the Bachelorette with some other die hard watchers.

When suddenly, Kaylie fell off the couch hit her head, and started to seize. I have seen a lot of kids bump their heads, but this had to be the most unnerving experience of my life. Eyes open, no response, hands, fingers and toes curled. Yelling, calling her name, shaking. . . nothing. It doesn't come to someone as a "calm" feeling. Panic set in, and I remember yelling to my mother-in-law, CALL 911! She is not responding! I called her name again and again with no response. Eyes open. Hands and fingers curled. Body convulsing. I pleaded for my mother-in-law to ask 911 what to do, WHAT DO I DO?????

By the time the paramedics got there, Kaylie was crying, and back to being responsive, although completely inconsolable. They decided that I should take her to the ER to make sure there was no hemorrhaging. (Great news, thank you) I did, but felt calm. Feeling like that probably wasn't the case, but definitely wanting to make sure. The ride in the ambulance was not enjoyable. Kaylin was strapped to a board, and let's just say, she is NOT a good patient. She screamed for the next two hours until they could rule out a neck injury or hemorrhaging. When they took her off the board, the only thing I could do was let her play with my wallet, where she repeatedly took out all the cards, and put them in. Out, In, Out, In, Out, In. At least she was being still.

I drove to SLC the next day. 12 hour car ride. Alone. With 4 kids.

PS- I would like to thank Violingirl321 on youtube for her tutorial on downloading videos, which did not exactly help me with downloading my pictures, but got me close enough to actually do so. Thank you for making this post possible.


Lauren in GA said...

That picture really does have the Circa 1978 look about it. I like it!

Oh, man, glad that Kaylie ended up being okay. The seizing with her fingers and toes curled. Completely and totally terrifying.

Jeanelle said...

I just saw your FB message and laughed because I had this window open to comment! I have been a blogging/commenting slacker lately, I know. I'm trying to get better!

LOVE the cell phone pics and they looked totally like all of mine growing up too. So scary and the seizure though. I freaked out just reading it. Motherhood is so hard- I don't know how you guys do it!!!

liz said...

lol on the shout out to violingirl321

bravo on the tech savvy

calibosmom said...

That story gives me chills. My youngest had seizures as an infant and it was terrifying and awful! You feel so helpless. Glad she is ok!!!

Jill said...

ew, i hate rehearing the seizure story. that was so freaky weird. i'm so glad she is okay though, and so glad you still came to SLC otherwise we wouldn't have had our yummy molten lava cakes and become fabulous real life friends!! ;)


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