Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pirates Like Cake

Wonder why I am not a regular "poster" right now? See this post. It speaks volumes.

When Jaxon was 2 years old, and not yet diagnosed with Autism, he used to make Pirate Maps. They consisted of an x, and island, some dotted lines and an occassional pirate. I am sure I have a few somewhere, because he probably made 1,000 of them. And if you think that might be an exaggeration, think again. I would give him a stack of about 20 papers and he would blaze through them in an hour, sketching his design. He would roll it up, ala, pirate map, and I would find the floor littered with pirate "debris" so to speak.

So, is it any real surprise that he wanted a priate cake for his birthday?

I mean, should there have been any surprise at all? After this cake, and this cake ?

I did a quick google search, and found something that would resemble a Pirate Cake. I thought I had seen one on Jill's blog, and I did! The thing to remember when putting together a crazy cake is that the freezer is your friend. I cut 2 rounds in 1/2 and frosted them side by side. I pressed on both ends and froze.

Then I flipped this side that you are seeing, down, and frosted the "bottom" of the cake, and then flipped it back to the top, to finish frosting. If you do a "real" frosting you have to be sure to keep the cake cool, so it will stay together. That is when the refrigerator becomes your friend.

In all, I think he was pretty pleased with the results.

The best was lighting the cannon candles, of course.

We also made a little visit to Chuck E. Cheese on a Monday night (it was a ghost town) just as a family to "celebrate" Wade took all of his tokens and planted himself at the Star Wars game and did not move the entire time. Coin after coin after coin.

I like Pirate Birthdays, for sure.


Danika said...

Nice work on the cake! You can see my pirate cake attempt here. It is still one of my favorites that I've done!

Lauren in GA said...

I love it!! I am totally stealing the idea of that awesome cake!! I see another Cub Scout cake idea in the making with that beauty.

Happy Birthday to your adorable Jaxon!

Taeya said...

You are truly amazing!!! What an awesome cake! Happy Birthday Jaxon!!!

Leah said...

That is sweet. I love the pyrotechnics!

cher said...

Awesome cake. I mean really... cannon's all lit up and everything. I'm totally going to copy you. : )

Even though your blogging is missed, life's #1, and gotta be tackled head on, right? (That's what I'm telling myself.)

Natalie said...

LOve the cake! My attempts to decorate cakes usually look like your cake looked...upside down. Seriously. I've given up. Hope "life" settles down and you can get back to blogging (20 posts today would be great as i am down flat with a back issue...k, thanks!)

Jill said...

fabuloso...looks great! yours rocks with the LIVE cannons too. i'm sure he loved it!!

liz said...

happy birthday little dude!

Jeanelle said...

Um, those candles? Totally ROCK! Nice job on the me a piece. ;)


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