Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have moved 9 times in 10 years. (Or something like that) I pretty much had a nervous break down after the last move, and just didn't unpack.

Although I finally got my act together, there are still aspects of my "move" that are un-finished. Call me crazy, but when you are renting, it is hard to put a lot of effort into making the place "HOME". Especially since I am feuding with my landlord right now.

Anywho. I DO have some good news, and the GOOD news is. . . since I am having my PARTY on Saturday night (ARE YOU COMING?) I finally got something FIXED.

My toilet started running. . . Like 6 months ago, but who is counting RIGHT?
So, instead of going to the store and picking up ONE part to fix it, I just turned off the water, closed the door, and locked it.

Kaylie was in "play in the toilet" phase anyway, so, it just seemed like one less trouble. AND, it ended up being a PERFECT hiding place for the TARGET CHRISTMAS HAUL. (I did it AGAIN this year!)

Plus, I just couldn't figure out how to go to Home Depot to pick up JUST ONE THING. It seems like the ultimate pain in my butt to pull into home depot, unload 2 (0r 4) kids and go in to pick up ONE THING.

I. just. couldn't. do. it.
Guess what.
I finally DID IT!
Not to forget, I also hung that gigantic wall mural up on the wall (it was merely propped up on the wall) AND I hung a plaque in the bathroom too! (I don't like where it is, but it's not comin' down now!)
So welcome. . . . My COMMODE is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Come sit on it, will ya?


Jeanelle said...

I hate fixing things at home. I'd rather solve everyone else's problems except my own. CONGRATULATIONS! So wish I could come to the party and visit the bathroom too. :)

Natalie said...

congrats:). Nothing like a working comode and getting things done to make a girl feel like a million bucks! have a delightful time on saturday. i wish i could come!

Lauren in GA said...

Well, done.

It takes us forever to completely move in to a house. Have you ever seen that scene in the movie, The Incredibles, where the wife calls her husband (Mr. Incredible) at work and tells him that they were officially moved in because she had finally unpacked the last boxes. I found comfort in knowing that they had lived there for three years and still had boxes.

And then I examined my own life that I was taking such comfort in flippin' cartoon characters' lives.

McB's said...

K that's funny that you just closed the door and locked it! LOL. Nice bathroom, I like it :)

Josh said...

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