Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If Loving You is Wrong. . . I don't Wanna be Right

We have a problem. Love is abounding in our home . . . AND at school. The problem is NOT having love abound at home. . .but at school. . . because at school love SHOULD have bounds. Seriously.


I guess it all started with Valentines day. . You know, all the talk of LOVE and VALENTINES and LOVE. It could turn anyone a little love crazy. But it doesn't take much to get Jaxon reved up about it. Not too long ago I got a note home from school it said something like this:

Jaxon is being "overly affectionate" to a member of his class and she is starting to be "uncomfortable" and her "mother is worried" about kissing and love notes as such. (Autism=socially inappropriate)

Give him an inch. . . and he takes THE WHOLE MILE.

When I inquired as to "his love" he said that a little while ago on the playground he "saved" her. Because someone was trying to push her. His hero complex was definitely started by me because he also saved Kalyie once.. and I am not kidding. He really did. He said she asked him to be her boyfriend... TEASE. Those girls. They always say YES YES YES then, NO NO NO!

Regardless, he was taking it too far. And it was time to intervene. We talked ourselves blue in the face. "Jaxon! NO KISSING GIRLS! NO GIRLFRIENDS! NO LOVE NOTES!"! It fell on deaf ears. Love is stronger than that. He swore he would stop. . and then, Peter caught him at church penning ANOTHER love note.

Young love. . . so hard to reign in.

More artistic stylings from Jaxon: Helicopter Ride

Jaxon wants to be an artist: Self Portrait
Nevermind the blue leggings and pink shoes... mkay?


Hillary said...

That last picture of him as an artist is to DIE FOR!!! I love you Jack-o!

The Grant Family said... cute! Wuv, sweet wuv!

Natalie said...

oh what a sweet boy! Who wouldn't love him??? uncomfortable?...pptttsh!

I love the art work! (a lot!)

Leah said...

I SOOOOO understand this!!!! Chad has done the exact same stuff. He is just this year learning (I hope) to not proclaim his love out loud like every second to the girl he has a crush on. I keep telling him he'll have better chances of getting a date with her in 3 years if he keeps his crush a secret.

liz said...

that is tooooo cute. he is actually amazing with his drawings. unless i don't know my art levels at this age- is this one of his strengths?


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