Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Kid Jaxon

Jaxon, what can I say about Jaxon? He makes us laugh, he makes us cry, he makes us.... well, mostly cry. No..... he is a great kid, with LOTS of energy, and love. He has a hilarious personality which he displays mostly in the Primary at church when he has the attention of the entire primary.... (ask about the "I'm a Man" Story)

I was sitting on the couch paralyzed by a day of Preschool outings to Farms, Dr.'s appointments, 6 month old double-ear infections and double preschool days with a 4o minute round trip drive which we do twice a week... anyway........I could hear someone misbehaving upstairs, and asked Peter to go "lay the smack down." I mentioned to him that it was probably Jaxon, and after an investigative mission upstairs, he said it was Abby, who was taking the rollers that she asked to be put in her hair... out of her hair. That seemed to make sense, so I continued on in my comatose state, waiting for the Tivo to finish recording "Dancing with the Stars" so I can watch it commercial free....Anywho...

Later that night.... .I am on my way to bed, about 11:00 p.m. to do the routine tuck in... When I go to Jaxon's room, I find it difficult to open the door! When I finally get it open a crack, I notice that the light is on, but it is very quiet in his room... I get the door open enough to get in the room, and find that his bed is completely stripped... everything, even the fitted sheet. All of the bedding was blocking the door. Jaxon was peacefully asleep to the side of his bed with no blanket, or pillow... Well, it looked like he could have been using the pull up diaper next to his head as a pillow, but since it was NEXT to his head, we will say he wasn't. And he DID have his blanket to the side of him, but it had a far more important purpose which was... acting as "wrapping paper" to a "present" which contained a bunch of his toys that we let him keep in his room.

I went about making his bed in complete light, and made him get up and get in as I scolded him for taking all of the sheets off his bed... Will he remember? I doubt it. He will probably think it was all a dream... even the part where he dismantled his bed.

Kids... they never cease to amaze me.

Here is our Pirate Jaxon. He LOVES making "Treasure Maps" (one is proudly displayed on the fridge). If I let him, he would make about 20, but we cut it down after 2.... don't want to kill too many trees. :)

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Tate Family said...

Last week I remade Benjamin's bed 3 or 4 different times. One night I was so tired of making it I even pulled out a sleeping bag and he slept in it instead of sheets. My mother would NEVER have done that...


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