Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I enter giveaways.. SURE I DO! I am a hopeful person. I feel lucky... most of the time. But THIS TIME, I actually WON! I am the PROUD recipent of all of this,

Thanks sooooooooo much Calibosmom! It arrived today, perfectly packaged with no breaks or spills! You are the best!

Isn't the blogosphere GREAT?


♥Shally said...

Soooo jealous.

Bridget said...

You lucky, lucky girl.

calibosmom said...

Oh good, I'm so glad nothing broke. ENJOY!

Natalie said...

beyond jealous. coming off of flu and very hungry.

Melissa-Mc said...

It all looks yummy! If you have an almond roca giveaway, I'll be the first to sign up. Just kidding, I am really trying to get over my "candy problem."


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