Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tree Love

I am a tree snob. I blame my mom. She always wanted a certain kind of tree. A Noble to be exact, because it had lots of space to put ornaments and other fun tree adornments. It is a perfect kind of Christmas tree. It is just that way... it was that way every year growing up, and now, I am a tree snob. Always fresh... Always a Noble.. Tree Snob.

My mom has a fake tree now (heretic). I am not sure why. But she does. I am not even sure when it started to happen.. I must have been gone that year. Nevertheless, it is fake now.

This year, we had a tree budget due to unforseen circumstances. I really couldn't spend $80-100 bones on a tree. (They seem more expensive here in AZ). We needed to go with a Douglas Fir. Lots cheaper... Half. I thought, for a moment about getting a fake tree... but, really, if I am going to go out and spend THAT MUCH on a tree.. I might as well get a fresh one. Just trying to do my part for the environment. It didn't make much sense to get a $125 fake one when I could get a fresh one for $35.

My husband and I fought for about it for 7 days because I didn't want to go get it, because it wasn't going to be the perfect tree. But he didn't want to pick it out without me (bad history in general) So, he finally took the kids to get the tree... and it is finally decorated... none too soon.
Jaxon was starting to melt down each day there wasn't a Christmas Tree in our house because he was certain that it meant impending doom.. or no presents.. or no Christmas.

SO, in effort to not focus on my imperfect tree, I thought I would focus on my decorations, because as I lifted each one out of the boxes... my indifference about our tree finally lifted and looking at each little detail started to bring me the Spirit of Christmas.
I love this fairy Christmas Santa Elf... (what would YOU call it) I don't know why, but when I pulled it out of that box, it just made me happy. I wrapped its little elfish legs around the tree and voila.. my tree became a masterpiece.

I love those little berry circular things. (I obviously don't have a formal name for ANYTHING) They looked much better in my (ahem) Noble, but I shoved 'em into the bushy tree somehow, and so far, they have stayed.

My husband and I fought about colored lights vs. white lights for oh, I don't know, 5 years or so... He finally gave up. My concession was the bubble lights and guess what. I like 'em. Oh, and the ribbon... it is perfect.. It is green on one side and red with green polka dots on the other. I only found one spool so there are no bows.. just draped ribbon on the tree stuffed into the branches now and again.

Of course, most of these items were purchased at the Mecca Tai Pan. Just get there.. Quit making excuses. I love the funky stars and fun letters they have to stuff in the tree.
For the GRANDE finale... Jaxon insisted that we join hands around the tree and sing Da-hoo Doray (From the Original Grinch Video) and surprisingly, Peter and I got through three verses and made it sound like we knew all the words. In perfect unison. A new Family TRADITION. (It was hilarious, and I would have taken a picture of our children's faces GLOWING with GLEE, but I was holding hands with Abby)


Anne said...

I need to see the complete masterpiece! you're killing me here!

Ilene said...

I broke down and bought a fake tree last year (70% post-christmas sale). Trees outside of Oregon are too expensive. Remember Eugene's cheap and beautiful trees? We would get ours at Jerry's. Those were the days.

The Stefanek Quints said...

did i ever tell you congrats on the baby? i know this is way late, but i'm so happy for you. did you find out what you are having? i too agree with the noble thing, but money is an option this year and we know how that goes. hope you guys have a great holiday. and do i have your new address?

Melissa-Mc said...

I love those decorations. When my baby started eating the needles a few years ago, we started buying fake trees. I miss the smell of live ones.

Leah said...

I am a Noble snob too. Although I justed watched a bit of Martha Stewart and she did not have a noble. So there must be other good trees out there too!:)

I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to live next to Tai Pan. Did I tell you we used to sneak in years ago when it was in some wearhouse district and was only for business owners? We were like undercover shoppers and had to use aliases.

gab said...

It's beautiful! Do a reenactment of the Grinch sing and post, please!! Sounds so cute.

gab said...

It's beautiful! Do a reenactment of the Grinch sing and post, please!! Sounds so cute.

Tina said...

Your tree looks great! I am a fake tree person because it pays for itself in 3 years and its so much easier! Tree scrooge, I know. But the smell of a fresh tree cant be beat! Not even with well intentioned candles or room sprays.

abbyandcompany said...

You may want to update your new addy with Tai Pan. I keep getting all these cool coupons in the mail.

jessica said...

We do fake...but we do it good! I am so doing a post about my tree...

That Santa elf thing...kinda cute...kinda creepy...but looks good on the tree.

Natalie said...

I don't even have lights on my tree. Beyond pathetic this year. Way beyond. But you're not. You are festive with all the baking, and tree decorating...jealous.


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