Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making Candy Like Martha

I have a confession. I have a candy problem. I only have a candy problem during the Holidays. Suddenly, I can't help but make candy. At a very young age, I took an interest in candy making and would make Taffy and Divinity regularly during the holidays. I used to have a few ladies in my old hood [If you girls still even read my blog, I miss you] There were a few of us who would get together during the Holidays just to make candy. I can recall from last year at least one third degree burn and candy splatters that reached the curtain over my sink. GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES.

This year, I will have to candy on my own and so candy I will. I was feeling adventuresome and felt like making a kind of candy I had never made before, so, I asked Peter what his favorite home made candy was to which he informed me... ALMOND ROCA. I coulda guessed. I mean, who doesn't walk by that 5 pound box at Costco and think... oooooooooh.. I could eat that. [Ok, I guess that is just me].

Believe it or not, candy making is FUN! (YES IT IS!) And really not that complicated (NO IT IS NOT!). All you really need is a good candy thermometer, and if you don't have one of those, you can do the water test which my old neighbor Karen can do with total precision.. (truly amazing, I have never seen anything like that and I can't do it). Just buy a candy thermometer, ok?

I had never made Almond Roca before, so I decided to document it for you, and it really was easy! I debated between a recipe from or Martha Stewart. Martha and I are tight and I have tried many of her recipes from her website and have not been disappointed, so, I decided to stay with the tried and true. She did not disappoint. So, from Martha, to me, to you.. here is how to make Almond Roca.

Toast yourself some raw almonds. 350 degrees for 6-7 minutes.

Put your stuff in a pot and add the candy thermometer. Cook until it reads 300.

(See, I told you it was easy)

Add 1 cup of your chopped Almonds to your candy goo and stir... pour it into a buttered dish. I used a rimmed cookie sheet, but, you could use somethin' else.

Temper your chocolate (no picture) just heat it slow, stirring often in the mircowave... 40 second the first time, less than 20 seconds every time after that. Stir it after each time. Make sure your candy has cooled a bit and spread the chocolate over your candy. Sprinkle one more cup of nuts over the chocolate. If you want to be REALLY fancy, like Martha, you can chocolate both sides.. (her recipe tells you how). Let the chocolate cure in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

If you have buttered your pan, you should be able to lift the roca out of the pan and chop it up. If you have already scored it, it will break along the lines, (do that while it is still warm) if you have not, it will break into random pieces. Store in the refrigerator.

NEXT STEP MOST IMPORTANT: *Lay on your couch, with your airtight container propped on your unborn child and eat Almond Roca until your tongue is raw and you have developed sores all over the inside of your mouth.. Ahhhhhhhhh.. Candy.

*(note feet and body in prone position on said couch)


Linsey said...

I'm no Martha, but I think even I could make this. Thanks for the picture tutorial!

Natalie said...

still hungry...please stop doing this to me:).

Melissa-Mc said...

Ummm, I have a candy problem too. Except mine involves the overconsumption of the candy.

Pineapple Princess/Shauna said...

This would be one more great reason why you should have moved into my neighborhood. The house next door is for sale.

Christie said...

Please send me some. I will pay.

Hillary and Trevor said...

That looks tasty Lindz! I wish you could put a sound bite online like the one I heard when you were eating this over the phone. I love to make candy in Dec also, this year I am going to attempt seafoam! It's a yummy candy made with HONEY and dipped in chocolate. Perhaps I will blog about it when I do!

Tina said...

Whoa girl! You are awesome. But if I made that stuff, I would eat it ALL! My candy problem involves inhaling.

gab said...

My fillings are falling out just reading this. It is my ALL time fave. I will be making some next week.

Bridget said...

That looks so good! It makes my skinny cow ice cream sandwich I just ate seem oh, so pitiful.

abbyandcompany said...

we make almond roca every just forgot to mention that is is kinda pricey, what after buying the huge thing of chocolate hershey bars at costco and all.

hey I thought someone was sending us some pizza coupons from papa murpheys??? Hurry up, it's our pizza night!

Heidi said...

Yummy! I made taffy this week while my mom was here and I was thinking of you. I told her how we used to hang out at your house and do crafts and make candy. Those were good times and I miss them.


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