Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Wasn't That Great

No, really, it wasn't. As a matter of fact, I would chalk it up to being one of the hardest years I have had to date. So tonight, I get to say...
Things didn't really go according to plans in 2008... and if you know me, or even if you DON'T know me, you may have noticed that I am a planner... I like to have things go according to THE PLAN, and when they don't I have a hard time adjusting. This year, has been particularly trying, but, I AM TRYING!!!! I don't know if I am trying to overlook it, get past it, or just plain forget it... but I am definitely giving it my best shot.
We aren't quite out of the woods yet so to speak. Peter is still looking for work, and I am just about to have a BABY! As you may, or may not have heard, she isn't really cooperating. Leave it up to one of MY kids to have a mind of their own! SHEESH!
So, in effort to focus on the POSITIVE (2008 being OVER) I will post the
Top 8 of 2008.
If you just started reading my blog, this oughtta be a good recap for ya! Actually, these are going to be MY FAVORITE top 8... You might have your own favorites and if so, you can make up your own list if you want!
(I love Scared Spitless because I truly almost had a nervous breakdown)
(Truly the most memorable "vacation" EVER!)
(If you haven't seen this performance, it is worth at least ONE watch)
Bachelorette Spoilers (Because I got the most hits EVER, and you know me, it is all about visitors and you KNOW I can't wait to blog about the NEW SEASON OF THE BACHELOR!!)
CHEERS to a HAPPY New Year... Really, can we just put this one BEHIND US?


Natalie said...

I love that you have maintained your wonderful sense of humor through it all. You are loved! Here's to a WONDERFUL 2009:)!

Tina said...

you are one awesome person who can laugh amidst opposition. There is a poem I love and Pres. Monson has quoted it before by Ella Wheeler Wilcox that goes something like this.

Its easy enough to be pleasant
when life flows like a song
but the one worth while
is the one who will smile
when everything goes dead wrong.
For the test of the heart is trouble
and it always comes with the years.
And the smile thats worth
the praises of earth
is the smile that shines through tears.

(I might have missed a few words here and there but I have it memorized and recite it often) I thought of it while reading your post and you fit that exceptionally. Thanks for bringing sunshine to others even when you might feel cloudy and gray. You are so great!

Bridget said...

2009 is going to be a great one for you! I can just feel it. Way to stay positive, friend.

jessica said...

First of all I don't know Tina but I love that poem she shared...I am stealing it...

2008 has been a rough one for us too. Having Camden has been my greatesy joy and one of my biggest trials all at the same time. This agency we got stuck with is just plain evil! We are still fighting with them onlt attorney's are involved now.UGH!

Hang in there...I know how heavy those burdens are...I'm carrying my own load but I have also found how light they can feel when I remember who is in charge and He is totally aware.

abbyandcompany said...

i felt that way about 2007. It was all about not letting the stupid door hit you in the A%$ on the way out!

things can only get better, right?

Julianne said...

We definitely have you all in our thoughts and prayers. I hope 2009 is full of wonderful blessings and miracles (starting with a safe new baby girl!).


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