Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Giving or More Candy Making.. You Decide

Yesterday my kids came home with gifts from their bus driver... THEIR BUS DRIVER! (stinkin' over achiever!) It was then that I realized that I had done NOTHING in preparation for Holiday giving for the last day of school which is... Today. Cool. So, after dinner, I got crackin' on the job at hand. Fortunately, I had a no fail treat that I have done before.

You can check out the recipe here. But what is a recipe without a picture tutorial?

Pop your corn.

Make your candy (remember, it is not rocket science. Just a few ingredients and a candy thermometer.)

Stir your popcorn, almonds and candy in a BIG BOWL.

Spread it on a cookie sheet to dry. (Grease the sheet with butter to avoid sticking)DON'T leave it on the edge of the counter where a crafty 21 month old has learned to climb up and retrieve whatever he darn well pleases. (Look at the intensity in his face!)

Temper some milk chocolate in the micro (remember 40 seconds, then 20 at a time until is is melted. Stir vigorously after each heating. Don't overheat. Remember slow melt.)

Then shake with a spoon over the popcorn.

Now do it with White Chocolate. Same process... Mmmmmmmm Good. Don't be stingy.

Put in a super cute package and DELIVER!! :) JUST IN TIME!


JBelle said...

U.R.A. Genius!

Natalie said...

I concur with JBelle. Where did you get the popcorn holders? I am doing this TODAY.

Thea said...

ooo Lindsey, this is just a fabulous idea and you made it look so, well, festive. I am all done with this year, but by golly, you've now solved my Holiday treat giving issue for next year! Thanks!

Bridget said...

Very cute containers. Love those. I got distracted by those yummy cinammon rolls that were rising in the background of the first photo. I have some in the oven right now!

jessica said...

I want some!

calibosmom said...

That is a good gift! YUM!!!

Leah said...

You are the over achiever here, not the bus driver. :) You and Martha Stewart would be best friends or maybe you'd hang with her daughter... have you seen her daughter on "Whatever Martha"? That is funny to watch.

You may have heard we are waist deep in snow here and can't give out all of those presents to teachers that stress me out every year. They'll have to get them in January. That will be wierd.

Melissa-Mc said...

You are so cool! I want to be more like you :)

Heidi said...

You are so good at everything and you still do it all when you are pregnant!! I am not pregnant, have 2 kids that can practically take care of themselves and I still can't keep up with Lindsey Long Legs. That's okay though. I just miss having you around to do fun projects with. I am going to have to do this popcorn recipe next year. I have a couple dozen of those same popcorn containers that I am planning on using for Christmas gifts next year but had not decided what popcorn recipe I wanted to use. But this looks yummy.

Laurie said...

Those are so cute!!!! And it looks so dang good - I might have to copy that. So adorable can we be on your gift list?!

i'm kelly said...



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