Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here is where it all began . . .

We hopped in the car around 7:15 a.m. I knew that I was tempting fate, taking 4 kids to California by myself, but I couldn't help it. My parents and my sister were going to be there, and I needed a family fix. Not to mention, our Disneyland Passes were running out. In like, three days. It was my VERY last chance to get my dollars out of those passes, see my family, and hopefully have some fun. I was optimistic.

The morning went by without too much incident. Abby played video DJ/ and Binky finder in the back seat. I had made muffins the night before (they were SOOOOOOOOOO good! Thanks m. I will be re-posting them on the food blog soon!) The muffins had a delish coconut topping that was deliciously crumbly. Something that I did NOT consider before making them our morning commute food. Never mind. It was worth giving the kids something quick and easy they could munch on in the car on the way. I had to make things speedy you know. . . Two year old and 3 month old in tow.

It wasn't long before Wade started to grab at his car seat buckle and whine. I mean, not too long AT ALL. We had only been in the car for about an hour! There was no way I wanted to stop quite yet. K was asleep and I knew stopping would probably disrupt her slumber and our schedule. The whining got louder and more frantic and I started to wonder what the problem REALLY was? Poopy diaper? He knows how to say that! He would have told me. Is the car seat pinching his leg? I can't tell. I undid the buckle for a moment to see if that alleviated his pain, but soon enough, the whining commenced.

Pretty soon he was writhing in convulsions (the two year old kind) and I couldn't take another minute, or risk his convulsions waking up K. I pulled over ran over to his car door and whipped him out of his seat. I threw open the hatch and threw a towel on to the ground for a quickie diaper change at a truck stop. Only a few semi's went by as my son was naked from the waste down. When I threw that diaper open I fully expected to see a very bad situation, but I will tell you what I saw. .

Two crumbs of a muffin that fell to the ground. . . .

Convulsions . . . stopped.

Is that all?? No no. . . that is not all . . that is not all at ALL!

PS- You can VOTE! -------->


The Grant Family said...

You are one brave woman.
Don't you wish you could just yell "I'm taking you to the happiest place on be HAPPY about it" and they'd understand.

Lauralee said...

oh this is going to be some good reading! at least we know you have lived to tell about it! :) 2 crumbs? really? they must have been HUGE!

Melissa-Mc said...

I guess crumbs in your diaper would be very uncomfortable.

Cassi said...

Are you crazy or amazing? . . . either way, a much better mother than me.


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