Friday, May 15, 2009

Just the facts

I can sense some of you doubting the hilarious and incredibly absurd trip that I took to California with my kids.... but, it was all REAL.... 100% of it. Just ask the guy from Parker Towing.

We DID have SOME fun! Here are a few more cell phone pix for you to enjoy.

Wade LOVED KC Jr. One of the great rides that we don't have to wait in long lines for because of the "Jaxon Pass". Hmmmm. . now that I look back upon the FIRST experience with the Jaxon Pass, I am starting to wonder if trips to D-land are just doomed for us. Abby insisted being in the "Monkey Cage" on KC Jr. I wonder why. I would have some more great pictures to post here because I WAS with people who DID get out THEIR cameras, but they haven't sent me any pictuers, or posted any on their blog yet.

HINT HINT HINT! HOOK ME UP PEOPLE!Right before we left CA, I took my kids to the beach for a couple of hours. It was overcast, and windy and I would say, kinda cold. . . but you would have never guessed it by my kids who were having the time of their lives playing at the beach.

I asked them on our way home if they would rather hit D-land, or the beach, and they said in unison, THE BEACH! There is just something about the sand and the surf that makes for a great time!

We had a few more "experiences" on the way home. . . Anyone care to hear the rest of the story?? Please post in the comment section if you want to hear about the trip home which includes a Mexican Fiesta Party with Elmo, and a VERY interesting trip to the bathroom at a truck stop!

Lemme know!!!


The Grant Family said...

Of course I'd love to hear more!!!

Leah said...

More please. :)

I also love the beach comment. Just another reminder that the best things in life are free!

Melissa-Mc said...

Yes! You must go on. This could be made into a Lifetime movie!

Natalie said...

more. more. more. i never turn down hearing a good story:).

jessica said...

go on...I want more!

calibosmom said...

This is a trip they (and you) will never forget! Crazy fun times!


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