Monday, May 4, 2009

What would YOU do?

It is 4:11 p.m.

I am on the computer, delaying the motherly duty of . . .


I don't want to cook.

I don't want to do ANYTHING.

My kids kept me up 1/2 the night,

and I think that gives me an excuse to be lazy.

Eventhough I was productive at some point today,

I am not now.

Nor, do I want to be.

But it is almost dinner time.

But my husband works late on Mondays . . . so,

I just have to feed my kids.

But, remember? I have that be lazy for free card.

(Cuz I was up 1/2 the night)

So, what would you do?

Give me your quick and dirty but YUMMY favorite dinners.

Would you?


And help me with my quest to be lazy?

Thank you.


Lauralee said...


Leah said...

Are you kidding me? This is my specialty! COLD CEREAL works every time for every meal.

And of course there are the other easies: mac n' cheese, pancakes, anything frozen from Costco (taquitos, chicken nuggets), Cup O' Noodle soups, grab 2 tortillas and micorwave them with cheese in between (quesadillas). We eat all of these several times a week. I DO NOT cook when my husband is not home.

Anne said...

We have spaghetti at least once a week. Quick, easy, and everybody likes it. Bonus, I still feel like my family is a getting a decent dinner!

Lindsey said...

Um, I said YUMMY! :) Really? Can you do cold cereal again? Even if they had that for breakfast???

Leah said...

Oops, you said yummy. This is still cooking but it's easy:

3 cans of favorite chili (Ours in Nallys Veggie and it's healthy)

Spread rice on bottom of 9x13. Top with chili, then cheese. Bake until heated. Serve with salsa or tomatoes if you'd like.

This is a great dish to play the game where everyone picks a random kitchen utensil to eat with out of a bag!

jessica said...

So if you aren't counting cereal, which you really should because dont you have more than one flavor in the house? That would be different from breakfast right?...

How about quesadillas? Or a can of campbells soup and sandwhiches.

Ilene said...

Cold cereal totally works. Or yogurt or oatmeal.

I do pancakes or dinosaur chicken. Just follow up with a multi-vitamin and mom guilt is gone.

The Grant Family said...

Leah's suggestion is similar to the one I was about to suggest. (only works if your kids love chili though). My kids FAVORITE is beans and rice. Make rice (1 c. rice, 2 c. water). When done add 1 can chili. Serve in bowls and sprinkle with cheese. They also like it when I make mac and cheese and dump in a can of chili. What can I say, they are chili lovers.

Another easy one is to make rice, make sauce of canned chicken and cream of chicken soup, then top with cheese. Add lettuce and tomato to the top if you want to make it healthier :)

Good luck!

We also do quesadilas a lot.

Hillary said...

Soup and grilled cheese....or scrambled eggs ( if I have leftover veggies I toss them in)with toast...not bad!

Christa said...

Whole Wheat French toast with strawberries is my go to quick and easy meal. I have a hard time repeating cereal for dinner (my own guilt) and when you have french toast they get their protein, whole grain and some dairy. Top it off with strawberries and a glass milk and you are good to go!

JBelle said...

Turkey hot dogs, whole wheat tortillas, with either salsa and cheese or ketchup and cheese; fruit salad with a scoop of low fat frozen yogurt and you are good to go, Sister. I keep frozen fruit in bags in the freezer just for this occasion. Throw you a few peaches, a few berries, a little kiwi into a bowl and stir in this dressing: carton of non-fat vanilla yogurt, splenda to taste, healthy splash of vanilla and stir it up. Beauty of the fruit salad is that it is both salad and dessert and you don't need the frozen yogurt scoop. You'll be making this meal for your kids when they are making mortgage payments and funding their 401(k). How do I know? I know. I know. ;)

Leah said...

I had to come back to this post because I could use some ideas. (I think I'll use the french toast idea tonight!)

And I have to add one more idea...

Have you ever bought the uncooked tortillas from Costco? Holy cow. I just got them last month and..I..AM...HOOKED. So delish. Don't overcook them. They are faster than making toast. No oil needed.

For a can stuff them with ANYTHING. Whatever leftovers you have from the night before, throw 'em in one. The tortilla makes everything delish. And you can eat them plain with honey, or brush with butter and add cinnamon and sugar.

Arian said...

Wow, those were some great ideas! Thanks for posting this one. :)
I also do taco salad pretty much once a week. Doesn't matter what toppings you throw on... chips, tomatoes, olives, cheese, avocados, onions, lettuce, beans, chicken, ground meat, whatever!

Melissa-Mc said...

we all have days like this. pretty frequently in fact. go for pizza, soup, sandwiches, toast, frozen waffles or cereal. you're kids will actually like it more than if you actually made something exotic.


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