Sunday, May 10, 2009

You won't believe it. . .

I am sitting here in my bed. . . it is 7:41 a.m. and I am ALONE.

In my room.

With no-one bothering . . Um, I mean, paying attention to me.



I am catching up on blog posts. Right now, around 168 of them (don't worry, most of them are from couponing sites that I will "mark as read").

I am RELISHING the reality that I don't have to teach my Sunday School class (which has been a challenge for me lately) because Peter said he is giving me that as my gift for Mother's Day! YAAaaaaaaaaHOOOOOOO!

And I am grateful that I made it home in one piece. Because I took FOUR kids (one 3 month old, a two year old, and Autistic child and my 7 year old) to Disneyland and the beach over the last 3 days and I drove myself both ways ALL BY MYSELF. Oh, yes I did.

And, it was NOT without incident. Oh no, it wasn't.

I have sooooooooooo many stories to tell, it isn't even funny. I will probably begin to post them one by one tonight. After I don't have to make dinner, or put the kids to bed.

Enjoy your special day!


Leah said...

Anyone who attempts Disneyland by herself with the group you mentioned is a complete rock star mom. That is true unconditional love! I can't believe you did that?!!!!

I hugged your inlaws at a soccer game this weekend. Love them!

Enjoy the BEST day of the year! You must be pooped.

cher said...

No way! How... HOW in the world did you do that?? You really must be supermom. I hope you have a fabulous day!

jessica said...

DISNEYLAND!!! FOUR KIDS!!! ALONE!!!Oh No You Didn't! What the H were you thinking? I am so amazed by your greatness, I am not worthy to blog with you....

Melissa-Mc said...

You are SERIOUSLY a supermom! I am in awe that you took on such a feat and you're now alive to speak of it. Happy Mothers Day!


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