Monday, December 13, 2010

My Gift To You

My Gift To You this year is.


Think of it as re-gifting.

Just kidding.

Actually, there are a few things that Jaxon does that are just his signature. Like, act like a cartoon character. ALL.THE.TIME.

It is endearing most of the time.

Jaxon also has a passion for song and dance. I am not sure how much he will do with this talent, but for now, it provides us with hours of entertainment.

So, for your viewing pleasure.

Here is Jaxon as: THE HEAT MISER.

Here is the original in case you need a reminder.


Jeanelle said...

I mean, seriously. Does it GET any better than that? I think not. ;)

Taeya said...

Way cuter than the original!!!

liz said...

he is so stinking cute.


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