Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards Gone By

Our Family started in April of 2000. I don't recall sending out Christmas cards those first couple of years. Really, is sending Christmas cards any fun when you don't have any kids? Well, I guess it could be, but, let's just say it is MORE fun, if you have a kid to show their growth pattern. And who wouldn't want a picture of this kid.
I think I was one or two month pregnant with Jaxon at the time. Abby had no idea what was going to rock her world.


Here is our arrival in our Christmas pic the next year. . . . Merry Christmas, from the GRUMPIEST BABY EVER!


My husband is seriously going to kill me because of this picture. He hates it, and I am not fond of it either, but since I am doing this for history sake, let's just get on with it.
Yes, it is in beautiful scenic Hawaii. After a 5 hour plane ride with the grumpiest child in the world. Let's just say we were cured of travel with small children for quite some time.

Wanna hear something sad about 2005? I don't know what Christmas card we used. Worse, is that all my pix were wiped off my drive by a virus? Or my computer was rendered useless by one? I can't quite remember, but this will represent . .
Apparently I have my hands up like that because I can't find Jaxon.

This REALLY IS CHRISTMAS 2006! Well, it is fall 2006, and we are at a pumpkin patch, but we really did use this pic as our Christmas card. I liked it! I liked that a professional photog did not have to take it! PS- Yes, Wade is in this picture, but he is only about 3 months along.

Ah, finally, A good all around picture. We all know the pains of taking a good picture, right? I am quite certain two or maybe even three heads were photo shopped in this pic. And it was taken in the summer, long BEFORE Christmas, but who cares right?


Once again, I have no idea what picture I sent out for Christmas. My mind is telling me, I didn't send Christmas cards this particular year. Maybe it was because 2008, wasn't that great. So, I don't think I did. Did I send out a Valentines Day card? If someone out there remembers, will you let me know? Either way, I DID have cute pictures of my kids.

This right hear is Christmas 2009. And guess, what. This is good as it is going to get for this year too. Because I didn't send out Christmas Cards.


And you know what? I am okay with that. Hope you are too! :)

PS- I DO have a Christmas PRESENT for you though, and it will be coming tomorrow! So, be sure to check back!

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Danika said...

I have been doing email Christmas photos/letters/cards for the past 6 years or so (except last year when I had a really good photo and got a ton of free photo cards). I really started it because our recipient list got too huge (not that we're that popular, but Kevin's immediate family alone is like 40 cards). Now I can send to hundreds of friends and family with a few clicks of the mouse. Email Christmas cards might not be as fun or personal, but it saves me so much time and money and stress! I tell people it's either that or nothing...


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