Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pressing Matters

I know, so many of us this time of year are thinking about resolutions . . . .how we can improve our lives, and what we can do to better ourselves.

I am thinking.

Should I blog this season of the Bachelor?


Yes, or Nuooo ------------------------------------------------------------->

Ps, that was for my husband. We get asked the Yes, or Nuooo question at least 10 times a day by Wade.


Cindy and Quent said...

I vote yes, I love your recaps. HOWEVER you are a busy woman so if it's between blogging and spending time with your cute family, by all means spend time with the family!

Lindsey said...

Haha Cindy, you are too thoughtful. I, of course, am NOT thinking about improving myself, but am only thinking of The Bachelor! Just kidding! But you are sweet. I think I can handle once a week though.

Natalie said...

you, my friend, have been quite resolute in dealing with pressing matters this year. so, you blog about whatever you want:)!

Arian said...

I now find that watching the bachelor requires logging onto your blog to see what the commentary will be about. Yes, I vote yes! I have three girlfriends who come over and watch it with me on Mondays. They read your blog posts about the bachelor too. So, I think that would count as four yes votes! :)

jessica said...

I only know what happened last 2 seasons because of your blog but that is no reason to blog about it if you want to cut that sleeziness out of your life.


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