Friday, December 24, 2010

This year, I've been naughty.

This holiday season, I had more time on my hands.

And there was good reason.

I made Christmas goodies, but didn't pass them all out. (Come by if you want some!)

I didn't send out a Christmas card, but if I did, it may have looked something like this.

Abby? Who's Abby?

I didn't get pictures with Santa, or do the tree of sharing. (Both things I really, really wanted to do-but was feeling a little like a charity case myself. )

I didn't go to parties that I didn't want to go to.

And you know what?

I am okay with it.

I am REALLY, REALLY okay with it.

Will I shun my normal Holiday routines EVERY year? No, definitely not.

It's not like I didn't do ANYTHING . . . .

I spent time reading books,

I spent time hanging out with my husband, who "claims" to like to spend time with me.

I watched movies,

I went to movies,

I went on date night, and hung out with friends I love.

I got a pedicure.

I baked, and baked, and cooked, and baked.

I avoided the store.

And you know what? I really enjoyed not being stressed out, too busy, or unavailable.

It is a great thing, to just BE. And be Happy. Maybe next year, you should try it.



rachelcooks said...

I am so happy you came to MY holiday party! Glad I made the cut. Glad we got to bake pumpkin together. So glad I know you! You are a rock star!

Cassi said...

Amen, Lindsey! I did the same thing and it felt great. Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

Less is always more. Thank you for putting it so perfectly!!!! I love a relaxed Christmas.

Natalie said...

i've been thinking about happy to hear that you are enjoying calm right now. you deserve it, especially during this most special time of year. love to you!

Jeanelle said...

Guess what? I didn't put up my tree or send out cards and I'm totally okay with it. :)

Linsey said...

Good for you. Merry Christmas!

jessica said...

Good For You! I cut back this year too and I am okay with it. Sometimes that is what we need to do at Christmas so that we can give more to the ones that are closest to us.

BTW...I always hear your voice in my head when I read your posts and it makes me smile.

Lauren in GA said...

I am glad you had a Merry Christmas. I love that you did what you wanted to do...and felt peaceful and happy.

Did you make those decorations in the last post? The felt ones that are pictured in wooden hands? They are works of art. I love them.


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