Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bachelor Re-cap. Highlights and Disappointments


*Chantal playing a mind game with Michelle over the fact her card doesn't have the word "love" in it. HILARIOUS! Well played Chantal.

*Michelle's back eye. Hysterical on So.Many.Levels.

*Michelle constantly icing her eye. With just about any frozen item out of the freezer. Even a popsicle with the awkward wrapper still on.

*Michelle's interviews. ALL OF THEM.

*Michelle's grumpiness. I mean, can Brad not see it from a mile away? I mean, you don't want to cross that girl. If he does it once, he will be in her dog house FOREVER! Do you wanna marry that?

*Ashley and the number of times she said, "uuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" It was redonkulous and became totally and completely irritating, and did you notice that she went from super cute girl on that first date, to NOT SO CUTE? I mean, it is almost like her whole face changed! Is it her hair? Or just the fact that she hasn't smiled in three weeks?

*The exit interviews: Finally some girls with their heads on! (They all took my, "What not to say class")

*Sending home THE RIGHT ladies. . except for Lindsay. She was a class act. Maybe a little on the boring side, but I would take her over Britt. What the heck does he see with BRITT? (PS- Ashley was about to get that rose before she started in with the uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh! on that date. Awkward.)


*The fact that Brad is digging Michelle. Ew. I watched a trailer for her movie and she totally plays, HERSELF. Like, it seems like that is all she ever is. . . .an act. A crazy act. If I didn't know the premise of the movie, I would say she was playing some Glenn Close roll like in Fatal Attraction. Seriously. She even looks crazy when she is supposed to be playing "sweet". Ps- that movie looks horrible.

*The interview they cut to of Chantal where she had crazy blue mascara on! WHAT THE HECK? First of all, that interview was totally out of the blue, she wasn't even wearing the same clothes, and then the BLUE EYESHADOW! I am sorry, but as much as people try, that look will NEVER come back. . . Don't even get me started with Chambray coming back this spring. No. No. No. Chambray is, was, and always will be a bad idea. Speaking of bad ideas, what was with Chris Harrison's Mr. Rodgers's outfit? (Totally stole that one, but couldn't resist)

*Ashley's earrings at the rose ceremony. Please tell me someone else saw those horrid 80's turquoise (but not REAL turquoise, but PLASTIC turquoise) earrings she was sporting that looked completely ridiculous. Seriously? She and Chantal need to let the 80's dream DIE! IT IS NOT COMING BACK!

Any other major disappointments? That is all I can think of!


Danika said...

So I watched "The Bachelor" (first time in many year) last night at the gym so I would know what you were writing about on your blog (and because there was nothing else on that I wanted to watch). But I STILL don't understand all these things you mentioned...

Jill said...

I loved when Chantal made a point of saying Michelle didn't get LOVE in her card. Classic!!!
It was a great recap again.
Seriously though...how did Michelle get that black eye? What is your speculation?

Hollyween said...

The reason why Ashley went from cute to not cute anymore us because of her whiny-I'm-not-sure-about-myself-anymore-attitude combined with her giant forehead that looks ever HUGER when her hair is wet.

I lIke Chantal but I think I like the other Shawntel better. She's very cool and nor carry or insecure. And Chantal showed some insecurity a bit though I can't say I blame her with the special 'Emily treatment'.

Oh, and I actually like Britt. Call me crazy. I don't think she's going to be a frontrunner or anything but still...

Hollyween said...

That would be 'whiny' and insecure. Stupid auto correct!!

Jeanelle said...

Okay my favorite line was when Brad was reassuring Chantal at the cocktail party and this is what he said (yes I paused and rewound it a million times because I'm cool like that): "Please be confident in the fact that I'm so wildly attracted to the fact that you're everything that I've not been with in my past." HOLY CRAP what does that even mean? Poor dorky Brad (although I'm liking him more - I find the "come here to me" thing he does when he kisses them cute except he says that to everyone so it will sort of lose its lustre for them when they watch, I think.) Michelle's still a total nutjob and so very controlling and psycho. And I loved all the talk about "repelling" instead of "rappelling" tonight. ;) I loved the little special non date he did for Emily during the cocktail party but I really think Chantal is my favorite. I think they are very cute together. Dentist Ashley is an unconfident passive agressive freak. I'm wondering if she will lose patients after this.

jessica said...

The hot tub scene...all those girl's looking so pathetic waiting for the rose...why oh why do these girls come on this show!? Most are educated and have careers, that means they do have something in that head of theirs but how can a brain that goes through dental school still be that stupid!


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