Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bachelor- Brad Womack re-cap

Let's just all agree, the first night of the Bachelor is boring. Too many girls to keep track of.

Let's start with Brad's repentance.


That is all I can think of. You know? I mean, I nailed it right on the head. The guy was a commitment phobe. But at least he is willing to admit it now right? I am not sure, if I was one of those girls, that him saying that would make me feel any better. But he did it. So, GO BRAD!

The DeAnna and Jenni moment was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo reality T.V. And can I just state for the record that I am DONE with DeAnna? That smug look. That attitude. Yuk. I can't stand her for another minute! Please! Do we have to have more DeAnna?? Let's not. Mkay?

Not that I am a Brad lover... I am not. Maybe he will win me over, but I kinda doubt it.

Let's get on to the ladies.

Okay, let's not.

Except for a few.

There really are too many girls. I mean, they are up to 30 now????? When it all started, wasn't it like 20? Are they just trying to confuse the poor guy SUPER bad now? Or what? I have to admit, the "real-ness" factor this season was up. I mean, the girls seemed more "real" I know that is an oxymoron since they are on a Reality TV show, but it really did seem that way! All except for . . .
Vampire girl. Totally lame. Totally. All the looking over her shoulder, flipping hair. Seriously? Ugh.

And of course, our little Salt Lake City girl. . . um. wow. Did you see the dress? Did you see the SLIT? Crazy. She seems a little crazy too.

No one else stood out to me as a total nut job, but hey, it has been at least 24 hours now since I watched it, but I will tell you who I DID like.

Little southern Belle... However, it seems like she really does somethin' to tick Brad off. She almost seems like a female version of Brad. . . I like you buuuuuuuuuuut.....

What did you think?

PS- what is with girls crying on the first night??? Weird. If you leave on the first night, don't CRY about it!?


Cindy and Quent said...

Love your reaction to day one. I watched it this morning and well I'm not a fan of Brad and I didn't watch his season. (DeAnna was my first season) With that said I totally agree with you on DeAnna...enough is enough. The vampire girl totally freaked me out. I realize it's reality but really?

Salt Lake chic was nice but after watching previews of the upcoming season she seems a bit nuts. She's in a movie that's coming out in February, and has done other acting jobs, obviously this isn't her first rodeo.

And my last thought...girls who cry on the first night are totally lame. Who does that? Ok it's reality TV so I guess they're the girls who do that.

Cindy and Quent said...

P.S. I love your Bachelor recaps, it's my favorite Tuesday (or Wednesday) read!...thanks again for blogging this season!

Jill said...

Amen amen.
I loved both southern bells...I'm totally anxious to see what happens too though! Does Emily screw him over? I just want to have a marathon and watch it all. I'm not patient enough to wait...I need the drama now!!!!!

MotherBeck said...

Ahhhhh...thank you for doing a re-cap. I agree with just about everything you said...no wait, strike that, I agree with everything you said. DeAnna, really needs to get over it. I mean she's engaged for crap sake. I Loved Emily (Southern Belle with the kid) But I am worried that she is gonna sabotage it. We will have to wait and see eh?

jessica said...

I'm so glad you are doing the recap. I started watching it but A made me change it. I am totally taping it next week...I told you I watch my fair share of sleeze.

Natalie said...

i didn't watch it because i hate the beginning. about half way through is when things pick up, a few of the nuts are left, a few weeded out... your updates help me feel in the loop for when i start watching:).

Hillary said...

Ok..so I wasn't going to watch (I always say that) but then my BFF and neighbor told me that she was in the same group of high school friends with Michelle and gave me all this dirt on her like how she got preggo at 16, had and short marriage and nothing but skandalous-ness since. Oh great now I have to watch her. P.S. Her last name is Money! Haha I thought that was appropriate. She seems like she could turn into the shows villian and apparently makes it to the final 4... can't wait to watch.

Arian said...

Hooray for recaps! I'm a fan of southern belle too. I'm afraid she's not ready for a relationship though. And, I gotta admit, she is way too perfect looking. Who looks like that in real life??

Jeanelle said...

Okay, I'm naming the fangs girl Vampira. I just commented on Holly's so wish I could be more original but I think they had to have thrown a little money at Brad to get him to give her a rose. I mean seriously. She claims to have met the lord of the underworld or whatever. What normal guy in his right mind would want to keep her around? I liked the same girls as you and did you hear the spoilers as to who the final two are? Email me if you want to know. Oh and I also decided that Brad has Richard Gere eyes -- beady little eyes! His chest, I love. His back tattoo, I loathe. How on earth is that even a good idea to get a tattoo of a cross THAT big on one's back? Stupid, stupid man. I can't wait to see SLC girl go all sorts of crazy. You know it's coming...it's gonna be good! xoxoxo


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