Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It turns out, even when you live in a sunny state, you can still get the January BLAHS. I have my Christmas decorations down, but I still have little remnants that are hanging around. I really ought to get those down.

I have been working on my health. But I have to admit. Peter is out of town this week, and with the added stress of being a single parent, I broken down and made 1/2 of a 1/2 batch of cookies.

I know.

Totally off the plan. TOTALLY. However, because my sugar intake has pretty much been nil, when I thought it would "make me feel better" (give me a little kick in the can) it actually pretty much took me out of commission for the rest of the day. My sugar spike was so crazy, that I bottomed out and couldn't function for the rest of the day! CRAZY! I couldn't believe the difference that it made when you have been basically putting nothing in your system but raw foods. Crazy. It has inspired me even more to "stay on the wagon" so to speak.

I made some great recipes this week that were pretty awesome, and I hope to put them on on that blog when I can pull myself up off the floor.

My house in drowning in dust, and I am hoping to get that all cleaned out by the end of this week. Can someone please give me a little pep-talk to get me going? Because, the last thing I really want to do is clean. UGH. What is it with the January BLAHS!

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Mary said...

I was always surprised to get the blahs in Jan and Feb too. I found that with the holidays I stopped going to the park, walking, and other things in the nice weather. I needed sunlight. I know even in AZ. When I made an effort to open my curtains, take the kids to the park, etc it was always better.
On a different note way to go for only making 1/4 batch of cookies. I would have made much more!


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