Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor Re-cap. . .It's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Was last night's show a boat load of crazy last night or what?

Let's start off with the most DRAMATIC event of the evening shall we?

First of all, I am sooooooooooooooooooo sick of . . . "Let's go shoot a TV spot" I can hardly stand it.

And it looks like they are going to do another one NEXT week! I mean come ON! I think that is enough. Really. Enough.

Michelle is. . . scary. The throw a fit cuz it's my birthday seemed the do the trick, but was anyone else tired of her constant interviews? It is like they don't interview ANYONE but Michelle, and Chantal! How many times was Chantal interviewed last night? 20. And how many times was she seen even talking to Brad. 0. Michelle does make great train wreck tv though, she is spooky scary.

The strangest part is when she pulled Brad away before he could even finish his toast to ask him the two most important questions she could think of. . . .Where does he buy coffee? And what does he stock his refrigerator with? Seriously? I side with Emily on that one. Who cares. Michelle. But she is the ONLY person who does.

Let's talk about the girl fight between Melissa, and Raichel (who spells it that way? seriously?) Anyway . . . . . that is all I can think about that. . . . . It was dumb. . . . . okay, I have more to say.

It was dumb. And Melissa looked like she was completely making things up, and her random thoughts about pizza while she is crying is cukoo. It was obvious Brad thought so too. Good choice to get rid of both. That way, it doesn't seem like he is taking a side.

The STRANGEST thing was the people that Brad chose to take on single dates!!???!??!?!??!???!?

Now, I can't really recall, and I already deleted it, but was Ashley H. the one last week who said she wanted to make him feel comfortable and have fun and totally set him at ease? Because if that was her, that date makes sense.

But. . . Jackie? That one came out of no-where. And what does an "Artist" do anyway. I would really like to know. But she seems so quirky -the New York City Artist- quirky, and seems like the last person alive who would want the "Pretty Woman Dream Date". She is more the, take a picnic to the park kinda girl, so, it just sat weird with me the whole time. Am I alone? It was weird. ESPECIALLY when Train started singing that "Marry Me" song. Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE. I mean, they have known each other for 2-3 days, and have gone on one date, and have seen each other about 2.5 times, and they are singing MARRY ME? Do they have another song they could sing? Are these dates seeming a little weird at such an early stage? Or is it just me? What happened to the "adrenalin date?" which is usually pre-determined to decide who the person picks? (Hello Ali, and Jake!) That would have been a more appropriate date for this stage. No?

Anywho. The person who wins most pathetic for the evening is: Keltie.

Oh, Keltie. Even if your hopes and dreams are shattered PLEASE don't lose your self dignity on national television and say you've tried everything???!!! That is just so, so, so SAD on sooooooooooo many levels. Can you just keep that to yourself? Yes, you can say your bummed. Yes, you can say it stinks.. But please don't act like you life is over.

For any future Bachelor contestants, I am willing to do "WHAT NOT TO SAY" coaching so that you don't ruin the rest of your life with anything you might say on the Bachelor. You can just e-mail me. I will be glad to be of service. And was is just me? Or did she look like she had Mickey Mouse ears on with that crazy hair do at the Rose Ceremony? Every time the camera flashed my her I thought. . is someone wearing Mickey Mouse ears??? Oh. . no. . it is just Keltie's hair.

Just sayin'

Thoughts appreciated. Let's chat! Comment below!


Taeya said...

Hilarious re-cap!!! I don't watch the show anymore, but I eagerly wait for your re-cap.

Lindsey said...

PS- It was really weird to have brad ask me if I wanted a rose. :)

Jeanelle said...

Oh I'm with you on the stupid PSA filming/soap operas/acting class dates. They are SO embarrassingly awful and a total waste of time. And really? For the first date for most of them? Poor timing. We don't know anyone well enough to know their personalities or to even remember their names and to throw them into a 15 person date is so stupid. And I'm glad Raichel the manscaper is gone. You didn't comment on her fake you know whats or the shirt she wore as a dress, however! ;) Oh and it was the non-dentist Ashley who got the first impression rose last week who said she'd be his friend in the house...not the dentist one who made out with him forEVER at the carnival.

Carol said...

your title sums up my thoughts! its my 30th birthday, ugh!

Hillary said...

I think Michelle is crazy in a hilarious way...Sometimes the things that she does and says makes me wish that we were friends so I could hang with her and just watch what crazy actions/words would come out next. Like when she did the firework hand guesture over her head when she was talking about her and Brad kissing...I loved it! She's good crazy whereas Rachaillllllle (spell?) is bad crazy...you know? LOVE the recap as always!

Hollyween said...

I totally forgot to talk about Raichel's super ugly dress on the big group date. Ugly pattern that made her gigantic boobs even bigger. This season may be one of my faces to watch so far. Next week looks scandalous! I can't wait.

As always, super hilarious recap. Too funny!

Hollyween said...

Stupid auto correct. That's 'favorite' so far although the faces mat be fun to watch too!

Emily said...

Michelle is crazy, the way she talks-everything!! The recap is on point,i agree 100%! Whats the deal with Chantal's face time?? The pretty woman date was totally out of left field, but he likes brunettes! I would have thought that date would have been more appropriate for Emily. Did you also feel like he was the therapist?

jessica said...

I had to wait to read this because I had to watch it first...yes I got sucked into the smut...I couldn't help myself. I even made Aric watch it with me.


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