Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have you noticed my blog lift?

I would like to personally thank Cindy Bradwisch for pimping my blog. Gotta love Facebook for brining old friends back together.

Wanna know a secret?

I don't know html code.

I can't design my blog.

People call and ask me to help with blogging, and I say, SURE! Just sign in to blogger!

Maybe someday I will actually learn it.

But not when I have people like CINDY to bail me out!

I am going to send her something lovely from The Pampered Chef as a sincere THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating my new blog headers HERE and HERE. See how everything is all lovely and uniform now? THANKS CINDY!

Plus, she made me blog buttons for my new sites too! You can see them over here. -------------->

Guess what, you can hire her. Since she does graphic design for WORK! Ha! I am glad that she will let me pay her in Pampered Chef. But if you need her, go by and say HI!

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