Thursday, January 1, 2009


Alright, so, I said I would post pix of Christmas when I got out of bed (cankles are a little better thanks for all of the love and concern). I got out of bed yesterday to clean up Christmas and I was able to grab the cable to my camera while I was up. So, here is my CHRISTMAS FLASH BACK! Don't worry, it'll be quick.
There was of course, the Christmas Trampoline (in which we trapped Aunties and cousins.) We actually set it up the day school got out (Peter-4 hours all by himself set up) and did a fun scavenger hunt to "find" the Trampoline. I videoed the whole thing, but didn't post it because I was getting irritated through the whole process....pregnancy.
There were EXTREME close ups with VERY EXCITED kids.

There was a Christmas Puppy (not ours) but too cute to not mention.

Christmas Jammies

There was GREAT GRUB including this, this and this... not to mention a PRIME RIB COOK OFF (Post the recipe Chelle!) and GREAT COMPANY! (What else do you expect from the Stewart Crew)

There was lots of "getting what they wanted" (except for Jaxon... who wanted something un-obtainable $$$)

And LOTS of Swimming in a beautiful heated to 94 degrees pool. Thanks Lori and Val, it was AWESOME! Hope yours was just as gooooood.


Jeanelle said...

love love love the Christmas PJs! So stinkin' cute.

calibosmom said...

The PJs and the puppy...too cute! I need a background changing tutorial! I cannot believe you only have 32 days to go! WOOHOO!!!

Leah said...

Lindsey, have you been watching "Mama's Boys"?

Jason is probably engaged as we type. So strange! I hope the best for him. By the way, my friend and I did some digging on Jason's ex last season. I can't remember it all, but Bevin from a couple seasons ago is friends with her from waitressing at the same restaurant (in Redmond) and was one of her bridesmaids! She also appeared in some strange video for a local band. From what I saw and read, she seems to have wanted a more wild life and Jason was just way too stable for her. It's sad. I hope the good guy wins in the end!

jessica said...

So I LOVE the Christmas jammies...where is a picture in yours...hmmm.

And what would it be like to go hot tubbing on Christmas...I would love to know!

Natalie said...

I LOVE the Christmas Jammies. The food???!!! My family needs some new food traditions. I tried to make a brie ring and I loved it. My family HATED it (before they tried it). Can I come to your Christmas party next year???


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