Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Buddy and Me

I have a buddy.
He hangs out with me all day long.

He likes to hang out with me.
And I like to have him with me.
He is cute,

He is smart,

and he is funny.

And USUALLY super nice.

You would like him.

I don't wanna gloat (mkay, I kinda do), but he is 3, and he is reading.
Yup, reading.

*You can tell by the "How old are you" question, he is not a genius, he just REALLY wanted to learn how to read when I practise with Jaxon. This is how far we have gotten.


Jeanelle said...

He is BRILLIANT! How amazing...and he's pretty dang cute too!

Linsey said...

Such a smartie! What are those cute little books he is reading? Caleb wants to read, but we don't have anything that is for beginners and he and I are both frustrated.

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa!!! If I had a reading 3 year old I would totally gloat!! That is super impressive!

I laughed when you said, "No, Kaylie doesn't want to read...she just wants to get in our buisness." Kaylie sounds like my John...he always wants to be in the middle of everything.

I agree with you. Your buddy is SO cute.

calibosmom said...


liz said...

what wade is reading!? that is so awesome!


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