Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bachelor RE-CAP

Ahhhhhh, there is nothing like an episode of the Bachelor to make me forget about the fact that I am NOT in labor right now. This week was particularly rewarding because the girls are finally starting to show their true colors... I have to imagine there are times when they watch the show back and say, "Why on this good earth did I SAY that?" Hence: excellent reality TV.

I realized by analyzing this episode that what makes it different than other Reality TV shows (say, Momma's boys) is that the girls are SERIOUS! And although they might cast a villain or two, they don't try to go as "over the top" as some shows and just let the girls come after each other... "naturally"... they don't HAVE to create drama.. cuz, there just IS.

Here is just a quick run-down of Jason's options this week.

Natalie: "I love bears!" (what?)
Stephanie: "My dead husband" Was kissing the face a little too much {motherly]? Or was that just me?
Megan: "I am deep." Does she ever smile except when she is with Jason?
Melissa: "I had a breast reduction! They were double f's!"(Was she trying to make him feel bad?)
Nikki: "I am a control freak and a perfectionist" "I always have a back up plan to a back up plan" "The Toothpaste is next to the mouthwash, I am VERY organized" (I personally can't get past the sideburns)
Jason: [To Nikki] I LOVE that dress! (Did you SEE that dress? Or did you just see what that dress showed?)
Shannon: "I just don't know what to say" "I just want to be the person who completes you""I am so ready to be a mother""I am just emotional all the way around" (Enough said, Shannon)
Naomi: "I've only been with one person" (That is ONE way to distinguish yourself!)
Lauren: "Megan is just mean, I am AFRAID OF HER!"
Erica: "Did you just look at my b**bs?"
Molly: "It would be very typical of me to fall in love in this situation!"
Kari: If you can tell me who Jill is without looking at the website I will send you $1!

Of course he kept my two favorite Trainwrecks from this week, Shannon and Megan so there is bound to be the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVAH next week. :)

PS- I am guest posting at The Bingham Diaries Tomorrow! Check it out!


B. said...

Hahaha, "I love bears"... I'm so glad you mentioned that because I thought I was crazy that a bigger deal was not made out of that.

Laurie said...

Finally, someone who's as obsessed with the Bachelor as I am!! None of my real-life friends watch it, so I can never talk about it!

Oh, by the way, I know MomBabe - that's how I found you! :)

Did you see the "commercial" for next week?? I wonder if the NEXT week is when DeAnna comes back, since it looks like he sends more girls home than usual...

The Grant Family said...

Oh my goodness I laughed so hard when Jason asked Natalie to tell him something about herself. I'm's your big moment Natalie. Your time to show who you are, open up, get emotionally closer. And she responds "I love bears!" Are you kidding me????? You could see the look on Jason's face. Seriously?!!! You love bears, hmmm....well what kind? Oh, all kinds. You've got to be kidding me!!!! She's got to look back and realize how she blew it. Oh, there were some classic moments last night!!!

Who was it that had the near miss awkward kiss? Stephanie had a weird kissing his face session, but who was the one who went in and nearly missed at first becasue Jason wasn't expecting it?

jessica said...

Natalie's limo ride of shame was the best! "I've got so much going for me...I'm good looking...what is he looking for?"

The bust activity was too much and Stephanie is like the creepy old lady in the group...she is so playing the I-am-a-widow/single mom card. It's driving me crazy!

Natalie said...

There were definatly some laugh out loud moments last night. Who was the one talking about how being there was really hard for her because usually all of her time is spent of the service of others? Now no one is telling me how great i am and saying thank you for changing my life...blah, blah, blah...she started out trying to sound so selfless and ended up looking like a self absorbed person. It was funny.

Jeanelle said...

Oh last night's show was just heaven! I loved it and only ended up covering my eyes in embarrassment ONCE (during the face kissing. PAINFUL!) It's funny how after week one, the the stuff I read made it sound like Nikki was the one to watch but I don't expect her to be around much longer. I like Melissa right now. I know I like someone else but can't remember who. I'm so glad Natalie's gone. And these girls try so hard to make it work with him (have chemistry, have something in common, force conversation etc.) and I hope they go home and watch the show and see that trying too hard is just a waste of time. Going to read your guest post now! :) Hope you're feeling good today.

Linsey said...

I was interrupted in my viewing of this last night, thanks for the recap.

Are you still pregnant? When is that baby coming???

Anne said...


Jill said...

I saw a few minutes of it Monday night while in our hotel and I must say I did miss watching it a teenie tiny titch bit (I'm surprised I've actually been able to refrain from it), but not really because it's so dramatic and most the girls are so hoochie and annoying. I actually feel relief not watching it!! Crazy huh!


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