Thursday, January 15, 2009

at the end of my rope

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See the pattern? Nesting happens about every other day. I knock myself out and then can't get up. . . it is the AGE I tell ya. I am extremely uncomfortable because, well, lets just say that this baby is practically between my knees.. mkay? Not so comfy, no.

HOWEVER, that is not the ONLY thing that has me in a tizzy today.. No, no it is not. I know that would be enough, but, it is not. I am having one other little problem that I just can't seem to get under control and that would be JAXON. (Your shocked I am sure)

The kid wakes up at the crack of DAWN (I really don't know what time he gets up, and I don't WANT to know) and is on the hunt for FOOD. I know this ISN'T the first time I have posted about this issue...
Yesterday, he consumed a baggie of Valentines Candy that Grandma had bought for the kids while she was here.. went to school, and threw it up. (gross, I know)
TODAY, he got our our hand juicer, cut an orange in half (with a very sharp knife) cut his finger, made a little bit of juice (he really can't apply enough pressure to juice the whole thing) cut open a bag of chips and got a band aid for his owie... He ALSO, re-arranged all the furniture in the basement. The kid needs to live on a farm, where people wake up at insane hours to do things like milk cows.. He would be soooooooooo happy. I see a strong future for him on a dairy farm.

My question to you. WHAT ON EARTH SHOULD I DO??? I am worried the kid is going to hurt himself attempting to FEED himself! Yet, I just DO NOT have the ability to pull myself out of bed at whoknowswhattime.... help.

Last night I told him he could have a banana in the morning and if he didn't do that he would be grounded. He did everything BUT that, so, today, he was grounded from TV for sneaking... and tonight, we made him a morning "snack" and left it on the counter. I guess we will soon find out how efficient his grounding was!


the MomBabe said...

Oh lindsey, my kids get into everything all the time. I don't even make breakfast anymore. Haven't in AGES.

Plus, I totally added you back on the blogroll in question. I'M SORRY.

How's about I make you a whole new blog to make up for it?

jessica said...

I would be frazzled too. I hope tomorrow is better.

The Grant Family said...

Oh dear....we do have similar problems. Ryan, my 2 year old who I've had so many fun blog entries on, has been waking up at who knows what time and feeding himself. The day before he painted at what I'm guessing was 6 am, he ate every piece of candy he could get to in the house. My 6 & 8 year old came and told me about that one around 7 am. Today I found him on the counter with scissors and food he couldn't get open. What do we do with these early rising HUNGRY children????

calibosmom said...

Oh man! It sounds like you are doing everything right-Jaxon just needs to figure it out and hopefully, eventually he will! Maybe you should look up some neighboring farms-they might need summer help. ;)

Natalie said...

Maybe Schnepf's farm could use an extra hand. You're close to them aren't you?

That must be really exhausting Lindsey. But look at him...he IS cute:). (and it's probably a really good thing he is when he wakes up at the crack of dawn)

Leah said...

I can relate! I will not get out of bed unless the house is on fire. My kids are free to destroy whatever they'd like.

So I know who Jason picks in the end! I'm assuming you do not want to know so I won't go into details. But let's just say these figure outers are incrediblely clever! I am still going to love every second of the season and eat up your commentaries. A wise woman once said, "It's TV gold!"


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