Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rough Re-Entry

  • I missed the Bachelor because my DVR decided Oprah was more important... NOT!
  • My kids woke up 30 minutes EARLIER than they were supposed to. . . Grrr
  • Wade woke up 1 HOUR before he was supposed to
  • I had to tell everyone what to do SEVERAL TIMES (like they had never gotten ready for school before)
  • We couldn't find Jaxon's backpack (still looking)
  • All the sippy cups were dirty (is there anything WORSE than THAT?)
  • I had to take Jaxon to therapy at 7:45. And no, I didn't have time to brush my hair, change my clothes OR put on a bra. (I love being seen in public like that don't you?)
  • I have to clean the house for company
  • Our garage door was open all night
  • I fell down this morning and skinned my knee (it was NOT graceful)

On a happier note:


(it might just make up for all the rest)


Cindy and Quent said...

Lindsey...hopefully the week takes a turn for the better!!! The bachelor was good but only the first week, you didn't miss all that much. On the bright side you can watch the full episode online at abc.com


Jenibelle said...

I missed it also, I am sad with you. Your week can only go up from here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry things are off to such a rough start! I think you need chocolate or ice cream or both!

Leah said...

Please tell me you watched it online! It did NOT disappoint. Let's just say the preview for the entire season was a SHOCK-ER because there is a HUGE surprise. I watched that part over and over because I was trying to wrap my brain around it!

And with the beauty of DVR, I paused it when he slipped the ring on his now fiance's finger and tried to figure out who it was. Still undecided, but I have some ideas.

And I LOVE the girl he chose for first impression rose. She is a doll. So far he's on track.

Bridget said...

So sorry about the rough start. Tomorrow WILL be better. Repeat it again and again until you believe it. Then eat lots of chocolate.

jessica said...

no.No.NO!!!!!Did you miss the whole Bachelor?!!! Oh I thought of you the whole time. I missed the first half hour and then made Aric watch the rest with me.

They showed what's in store this season...and DeAnna comes back! It is so ridiculous!

Oh and I have totally gone into public in pj's sans bra...so pretty.

Melissa-Mc said...

One of those mornings, huh? I hope tomorrow is better.

Natalie said...

I just returned home from being in the public eye in pajamas and no bra. It's fun. Did you brush your teeth? I didn't.

Sorry that you fell. ARe you okay?

abbyandcompany said...

quit falling down already, you are like, almost ready to give birth!

Christa said...

So I saw the bachelor for the first time ever! I actually knew one of the contestants and had to see how it all went down.

Christa said...

So I saw the bachelor for the first time ever! I actually knew one of the contestants and had to see how it all went down.

calibosmom said...

I feel kinda bad that I'm laughing right now. Didn't you know, it's against the law to wear a bra before 8am.

The Grant Family said...

Aaaaah! Don't you hate those days!

Please make sure you watch The Bachelor online....it was great and looks to be a nice juicy season. Mmmmmm....love it!

Okay, now for stumbling pregnant ladies. I must tell you that when I was about 8 months pregnant with my first I went to my work Christmas party. They had the food as a buffet on the dance floor. As I took my fully loaded plate back to my table I slipped as I walked off the dance floor and in an effort to save myself I ended up smashing my face in my full plate of food. Nice. I didn't fall on the floor, but I had a nice face covered in food. How embarrasing....in front of the entire company!

Good luck in your final weeks!!!

The Grant Family said...
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