Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where did the time go?

Peter and I went out last night (hopefully as a last hurrah.. Dr. 10:50 Monday morning) and he said, "I don't even remember what Wade was like as a baby..." WHAT? Wade was the best baby! That is probably why he doesn't remember. Honestly, I enjoyed my time with Wade more than any other baby. No, offense, but, as a first time mom I was stressed out, had major nursing issues and constantly wondered if she was hungry? Wet? Tired? I had no idea.

I felt a little more in control with Jaxon, except for the fact that he was constantly sick.. and therefore GRUMPY. He was a typical GRUMPY baby.. Memories of HIM as a baby stuck with us for quite some time and was excellent birth control. But, WADE. WAS. WONDERFUL. (Seriously) Pretty easy going baby.. I felt like I knew what I was doing and enjoyed my time with him as an infant sooooooo much.

We are still enjoying Wade quite a bit. He has a great personality and is pretty easy going as long as he is not hungry.. Then he turns into a little angry bear, but who doesn't?
In effort to jog Peter's memory a little, I went through the picture archives to remind me of our little Wade. Even though I can't WAIT to get this new baby into the world... it does seem a bit surreal that we are actually going to have ANOTHER newborn in the house. Exciting, but, overwhelming at the same time.

Really, the time with Wade went so fast. I see that picture of him sitting up (in the blue shirt) at about 6 months old and it seems like time just flew by. He grew up so fast! We are still having the greatest time with him, and unlike Jaxon at this age, his language is increasing exponentially. Here are some of his latest tricks.. I'll understand if you don't watch them.. they are more for the fam anyway! Enjoy
Peter and Wade do their "forced laugh" routine.


abbyandcompany said...

i'm scared of peter now thanks to that last video.

i want another boy. really bad. Thanks. tons.

Melissa-Mc said...

And now he is going to be a big brother! How exciting.

Natalie said...

so sweet. What a cutie!

jessica said...


I hope you enjoyed your last meal. Aric and I totally made the most of our last meal the night before we picked up Camden. If only I hadn't been so sick from traveling all day I would have gorged myself even more!

Jeanelle said...

I'm seriously loving your new blog layout. SO CUTE! I need to redesign mine too. Bachelor tonight - hope that eases the "I want to have this baby now" pain!!

Anonymous said...

HEY. I'm new. :D I saw you through Mombabe's blog just thought I would let you know I'm lurking.. hahah oh and tell you how freaking cute he is. the forced laugh was like a belly laugh how can they be so cute? LOVE the blog btw ;D


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