Thursday, April 30, 2009

Proudest Mothering Moment

Has it really been Monday since my last post? Geesh. I guess something had to give. Suddenly life seems so busy, but really, I am just trying to work out and it is chewing up all of my blogging time!

I mentioned that Jaxon has really been hilarious lately, but more importantly, he has been so much better with RECALL. Some children with Autism don't have the ability to tell you WHAT they did. As a matter of fact, they struggle with most W questions, like, Where, When, Why and What.

We have been astonished that Jaxon has been able to relate what he has been doing at school and at church lately. Usually when you ask him what he learned at church (Church being his least favorite place) he mutters something about Jesus and Joseph Smith and that usually sums it up. . . which wouldn't be so bad, but he says the same thing every week just to get us off his back.

This last Sunday he told us all about how eating good food will make your body healthy! It was amazing! Maybe it was just because his teacher gave him grapes. . . yeah, that was probably it.

It is now flowing over into school this week where he told me all about a game they played with trying to guess what was in eggs (I am assuming plastic eggs). He told me that his friends kept guessing the same thing as him, and it was, in his words, "Totally BUGGING ME OUT!" I have no idea where THAT phrase came from, but, work with it Jaxon, work with it.

Normally when you ask him what he did at school he says, work and play games. . . another standard "get off my back" response. However, yesterday was a different story. We sat down to dinner and asked the kids how their day was. Jaxon was excited about his favorite "burgers" that I had made for dinner. Apparently the word "burger" triggered a memory from school that day and Jaxon IMMEDIATELY piped up and said, "My teacher gave me a treat!!! She gave me a treat because I promised NEVER to pick my nose and eat my boogers EVER AGAIN! Isn't that great???? She gave me candy and I won't eat my boogers!"

Great Jaxon. . . . that's great. I hope that bribery takes you a LONG way. Hey, at least he remembered!


abbyandcompany said...

That is so funny!

Anne said...

It seems to me that he is TOTALLY worth having around!

The Grant Family said...

He is soooo cute! Just look at that face! And just think...candy is better than boogers!

Tammy said...

Great post! I love the piece of meat comment in your last post. I understand. I sometimes can't tell if the look is admiration or meat??

jessica said...

You should be very proud! Those are some great milestones... who isn't proud to say that their kids stopped eating their boogers.

Leah said...

Sadly, my 6th grader still picks and eats in public. Hopefully Jaxon can lick it this time (no pun intended!).

But what a HUGE accomplishment to get some responses to questions that are in greater detail than the usual! That is SO SO exciting!

Chad couldn't do W questions (or How of course too) forever. But for many years now these questions are a breeze for him. Over time these children develop and amaze us. I see the day when Jaxon will be answering ALL of the W's and H's! It's just a matter of time.

Melissa-Mc said...

Good job, Jaxon. Keep on talking. It's always wonderful to see progress as a parent.

Ilene said...

Congratulations to both you and Jaxon!

That picture of him is so adorable!


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