Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bachelor Re-Cap

Alright, since everyone's fav is The Bachelor re-caps.. here you go. [I am GIVING AWAY SOMETHING! GO SEE!]

I am in trouble. BIG TROUBLE.

I an not rooting for anyone. NO ONE.


Because everyone is starting to drive me CRAZY!!!

Let's start with Gia- I am just not a fan. I never have been, but I don't know! It doesn't seem to me like there is much to her personality. Ok, there is NOTHING to her personality! And it is starting to drive me crazy that her upper lip does not move. Did anyone else notice that? Sorry, it has just started to bug me and it is all I can think about when I see her.

Ali- Honestly, she has been my favorite from the beginning she seems "for real" and not "crazy" and she SEMI redeemed herself for backing off of Vienna and saying she was over it. *sigh* GOOD. But in the mean time, she is lookin' pretty um, well, let's just use the word snotty. Ok? I just wish she would wipe that smirk off her face because it makes it U.G.L.Y. and I don't mean just on the outside.

Tenley- I know there are a LOT of you Tenley fans out there. And look, I think she is sweet as pie too, but I am thinking: DOOR MAT. And sometimes, when she is talking... and her pitch goes a bit higher... and higher and then she throws a little baby talk in there and.........fffffffffsttttttttp. I am out. The second she starts to do that, I just can't cut it. I want to scratch her off the list.

Corrie: Who? Ok, I totally respect that you are a virgin, and so does Jake, but virgin doesn't have to mean, BORING. ok?

Jake. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh Jakey. What are we going to do with you. Really. I have read the spoilers Jake.. You know, the ones that say who you choose? I am am not pleased. And I FOR SURE hope that those spoilers are DEAD WRONG. But, I guess it doesn't matter super much because I don't like the girls anyway. I mean, they just all have their "issues", and I am not saying there is one that got away, because, there probably wasn't.. but I am going to stand by my original thought and HOPE that you don't choose any. That would make me the most happy I am thinking. (AND IT IS AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL ABOUT MAKING ME HAPPY, RIGHT?) no, it isn't, because I would watch the show no matter WHAT happens. (*sucker*)

Can't wait to see who is trying to stir up DRAMA, but I bet it is old Vienna at the door. Oh wait, I didn't even mention her!! BECAUSE WHAT IS THERE TO SAY BUT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

There... hope you liked it.

PS- I think I WILL add a little Pampered Chef goodie to my giveaway. I was thinkin' of makin' it a little sweeter anyway! :)


Jill said...

Great recap! I echo your thoughts too. I really like Tenley but can't stand her high pitched baby voices either. Funny you pointed that out too. I think Gia is gorgeous, but um, that's it. I can't wait to see the finale. Definitely will be on pins and needles!!!

Hollyween said...

Gia definitely has an odd joker mouth to be sure. But her hair? I would kill for it.

And yeah... I think we're pretty much on the same page. Let's put it this way: I don't think Ali and I would be friends in real life. She's too snotty. But the chemistry is the best with she and Jake and that's why I'm rooting for her. And she might just be the best of the bunch. But I do like Tenley. She's a geek just like Jake.

And I can't BELIEVE I didn't mention it on my blog, but did you see the end snippet where Tenley and Corrie were singing opera? I might want Tenley to win just cuz of that. I was laughing SOO SOOO hard. Please tell me you saw it...

Arian said...

Hooray! Love the recaps. I am not a huge fan of any of the girls either. I do, however, think that Tenley is the best choice for him. He is a bit of a doormat personality as well so I think they'd do well together. They are both sugary sweet and want the happy picturesque life. I think they might actually do well together.

Natalie said...

ahhhh...the bachelor. just spent an hour and 15 minutes on my couch watching every painful (delightful) moment. It's kind of like wiggling a sprained ankle or putting salt in a paper cut. it hurts but feels kind of good. my vote is tenley. where do you find spoilers? if the spoiler is that he is with vienna then i am going to stop watching right now. maybe.

Emily said...

oh my goodness, the spoilers are AWFUL!! and i just heard that vienna has been married before too! jake, really these are your final four?? are you just trying to prove that you aren't perfect by picking the worse girl posible?


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