Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Field Trip

Today, Abby went to Kartchner Caverns for a field trip. An incredible trip to be sure. Memorable, right? Peter had the pleasure of picking her up from the school.

Dad: How was the field trip Abby?

Abby: Great! Cindy had a DS2 and we were able to chat using picto-chat!

Dad: Well, Abby, you went to the CAVERNS! What did you do there??

Abby: OH!!!! It was AWESOME! We went to the gift shop!

Dad: Abby! I don't care about the gift shop or video games you were playing!!! DIDN'T YOU GO INSIDE????

Abby: YEAH!!! It was really cool!! Inside the caverns... they had POPCORN, BACON and SODA STRAWS!

Dad: Didn't you see any rocks?

Abby: Oh yeah, we did. THOSE ARE THE ROCKS!

Abby: Obsessed with texting, shopping and food.

Enough said.


Cindy and Quent said...

We went to the Caverns when we were in AZ in November. And I have to admidt, the bacon, soda straws and popcorn were the coolest formations I've ever seen. I'm with Abby!

Natalie said...

we often wonder why we take our kids cool places because they always remember the stuff like that. We also wonder why we buy them toys when the paint sticks from home depot make them all overcome with joy and boxes bring them together for play time, memory making, and loving interactions.

jessica said...

I love this...she is all girl!

Jessica said...

So hilarious. I hate when I see Emma do something that I know she ONLY learned from me. (Not that you fail to appreciate caverns while focusing on your cell phone. I'm just saying.)

And I'm sending a 36 year old AZ girl your way to check out that cute Jimmy.

gab said...

Ha! It's all about the gift shop, isn't it?


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