Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor Re-cap

This plane is going to crash.

That is the distinct feeling that I get when watching the Bachelor with "no-messin' around" Jake. This man is alllllllllllllllllll businesss when it comes to dating his women... no re-ject returns either!

For all of you who just can't STAND the Bachelor and his choices, I think I need to remind you of how to manage expectations when watching the Bachelor.


Now, with that said let's talk about last nights episode which started with a date with Gia. To be honest, it was so stinkin' boring that I didn't even get through it. Jake had some good intentions with seeing if she could, "deal with the locals". What? Jake! Not a true test of her character! That girl has spent a LIFETIME shopping for her Boutins . . shopping does not equal . . true test of character!

Oh well, it seems like he sorted it all out anyway.

Tenley. It is soooooooooooooooo hard to say rotten things about Tenley because she is so sweet. I mean, sweet as stinkin' pie. But, that laugh.. Did anyone else get slightly un-nerved by that laugh as they were dancing? It was weird, uncomfortable and creepy. Tenley? Creepy? I know, it is a stretch, but the laughing was kinda creepy!

And Vienna. I swore I had nothing to say about Vienna.. except for: Eye shadow belongs on you EYE LID! Please! PUT IT ON YOUR EYE LID!!!!!

It finally made sense to me this morning when I was watching it (I am a lot quicker in the morning) Jake= awkward, sometimes socially rejected (come ON! You all rejected him!) man who doesn't always think too highly of himself. + Vienna= awkward, sometimes socially rejected woman who thinks too highly of herself = PERFECT REALITY SHOW COUPLE.

*I know that doesn't really add up right, especially with two = signs, but I was never good at math.

Come on, you saw it last night, and you KNOW it is true. They are meant for each other (that was for you Leah).

PS- Thanks for all of your submissions for MY BACHELOR, he is truly flattered and loves my "little bloggies" (true quote there). I hope something works out for him (and her, whoever she might be) and I hope I am invited to their wedding and they name their first child Lindsey. I mean, it is only fair! RIGHT??

I got some pretty impressive Bachlorettes BTW, and it makes me think, why can't it go both ways? Are there enough single men out there to e-mail me about my "Bachelorette?" Well, if so, please discuss.

PSS- How excited are you that ABC is going to throw Roslyn under the bus next week with additional footage?? Oh ME ME ME!!!


Leah said...

VERY funny. Vienna seems like someone he could date for fun... but marriage? I don't see it yet.

And what is up with him saying he doesn't have chemistry with Tenley? He was saying how passionate his kisses were with her. I'm confused.

My husband thinks something is not right with Tenley. He has a hard time believing she can really be that sweet and that she's got some issues were not seeing. I disagree. I bet she really is a saint! I have a sister sweeter than her and she is like that 100% of the time.

I'd so much rather have Tenley as the Bachelorette than Alli! Although Alli would bring much more drama.

Hollyween said...

Oh geez. Last night's episode was just boring. It's a good thing I always lower my expectations (and standards --ahem--) when I watch this show. Otherwise, I'd be sorely dissapointed. It's just too much fun to have a love/hate relationship with this show. And that makes it truly more LOVE than hate. Even if it means that cross-eyed Vienna chick will win.

Taralyn said...

My Call is this - He does not choose either Vienna or Tenley and calls Ali back at the last minute!!! You know he wants to!!! Tenley is not over her divorce and Vienna just wants to Play and be someones Princess... You know its true!! :) I love your Overviews... Also I live in a teeny tiny town in South Central Utah and I can't find a Pampered Chief Dealer.. I know you don't know me but would you be willing to sell to me??? Please Pretty Please LOL I do need a way to see what they are currently offering... Could you let me know.. Thanks again

Emily said...

okay vienna's eyes drive me CRAZY!! and tenely ALWAYS talking about ex is starting to make me not like her....she is sweet but she is just not over him. over then that it was really boring, and there was just TMI about his date with vienna. at this point i'm over it i think, well maybe, see ya next week.

McB's said...

k, so i didn't get to go watch the show yesterday so is it over now? do you still have it recorded cuz i may need to come over and watch it or can i find it online somewhere?

abbyandcompany said...

Gia is hot. But her head is empty. I feel so bad. Plus, who did her hair last night? Total double whammy.

Vienna might be not fun to look at, but she and jake seem to have some fun when they are together, especially with the yawners she's up against.

Natalie said...

i struggled with last night. first of all, way too much kissing. way. next, i wanted to scream to tenley "Don't give it up for him!!! he is sleeping with 2 other girls this week! save yourself!!!" Vienna...weird that they let us in on so much of their time in the fantasy sweet. I was feeling from the beginning of their date that vienna would be a little too comfy in front of a camera during intimate ahem...situations. did anyone else think that or am i perverted. i'd say intuitive before i'd say perverted...I don't know, jake has too many 'right' answers to too many questions. i am feeling less and less like he is real at all. i want tenley to end up with someone decent so my attachment to him picking her is pretty much gone. vienna is just too hard on my eyes and offends my senses in almost every way. not my olfactory (obviously) senses but i wonder if she may have halitosis or no problems farting for fun...vienna=yucky. tenley=way too good for jake

jessica said...

This season has been hit and miss for me...thank heavens for your recaps. I checked out when Ali did. Oh and your math is awesome...

Why is Nat so ridiculous?! Her comment made me laugh out loud!


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