Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bachelor Re-cap


My mouth is agape. Is that how you spell that? Basically, I am catching flies. The Bachelor went with new highs and new lows last night during last nights airing.. Did anyone else fast forward through most of the "Where are they now" segment? Because YAWN. I will tell you where they are now.. They are where they have ALWAYS been.. desperate and single.

When I saw Deanna, I was like... yep, there she is... still single, and she is gonna be for a . . . EVER! And who was excited to see Kipton. I WAS! He is so cute. But I tell you.. that was plumb boring. Thanks for giving back THE BACHELOR. (but we don't really care).

The truth is, they didn't have enough air time of girls ripping Jake apart to fill two hours.. and you wanna know why? Because of STRAIGHT SHOOTIN' JAKE. He never messed around and the girls had nothin' to say about it because he was always straight up.

But oh Michelle, could you see the crazy? Pushed down WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY deep? She had one chance to redeem herself and so she shoved that crazy down as far as she could go.. Too bad everyone COULD STILL SEE IT! Oh well.

And Ali, Aw. See?? I told you you should like Ali. She was snotty. She redeemed herself with Jake and THEN, she redeemed herself EVEN MORE last night. Now, that is a real, good, girl.. Someone who can admit to their mistakes and make a change... (MAN IN THE MIRROR!) Ok, sorry, MJ just popped into my head. But, she is obviously a mature person who can see when they look ugly and try to change.

THE CAGE MATCH: Seriously. No one is a match for Chris Harrison. No one. He is quick on his feet and knew exactly how to make Rozlyn look like a total and complete liar... even when she was attacking him personally. Wow. Seriously. I know I have professed my love for Chris Harrison SEVERAL times. Come on, you have to love him after singing "On the wings of Love" to Jake. Those outtakes are PRICELESS and I seriously wish instead of doing an hour of "The Bachelor gives back" I wish they would do a whole season of "BACHELOR OUTTAKES" or at least release them on DVD. I would buy.

In terms of our grand finale... I know what the spoiler is, and I am stickin' with my guns. I think it is WRONG. I don't think he chooses ANYONE! Did you see his response last night to Chris Harrison's favorite question? "Are you happy?" Is was a big sigh with not too much enthusiasm. . ."Yeah" Sorry Jake, but you are not a great actor and that WAS NOT CONVINCING. So, even if he DID pick you know who. (She who cannot be named) It seems like he may be having a bit of "buyer's remorse".

Until next week. . . . .

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Hollyween said...

Man, that was like the best recap EVAH!!!

We are so in sync you and me! It's really too bad we can't watch it together. I thought Ali redeemed herself too and I also thought Michelle was trying way too hard to push the crazy away, but I could still see it.

And oh... Chris singing 'ON the Wings of Love' just melted my heart. Especially because he was so severely out of tune.

And I really REALLY hope you're right about (she who must not be named). I've had a gut feeling that it might not be her either and that the spoilers will be wrong. Oh please... please let them be wrong! Pretty please!!!

The Grant Family said...

I had the same thought when Jake said he was happy....not convincing at all! I'm hoping he chooses no one and then goes back and tries to date Ali in real life.

abbyandcompany said...

I'm still waiting for Jennifer Frase's recap. So funny. Although, yours was pretty good.

Natalie said...

good stuff linds. good stuff. i just folded my laundry and got all caught up. i agree completely on the out takes. I wouldn't buy, but i'd come over and watch:). and i'd bring food. the out takes made jake a little more endearing to me as well. the girl on the end with a tiny bit of cellulite was endearing to me as well. phew! Not that it was a lot. i wasn't but sheesh, how can you get that many girls in the same room who can sit with their legs crossed in skirts that short and show zero cellulite. is that reality? i think not.

Andie said...

Oh I laughed so hard I cried. The big about Tenley was as funny a thing as I've seen on TV in a long time. And not even a bit mean spirited. Can't bring myself to watch next week. Can't bring myself to not watch. I predict he DOES choose one, but it has already fizzled out.

Taralyn said...

I say he doesn NOT choose anyone and in the next 6 months you see him and Ali on the TOWN!!! At least I sure hope so!!! :)

Leah said...

Loved it. The bit about Tenley rocked and the outtakes. I agree...he's looking like he didn't pick either of them. Or it's all over and he's now single. He didn't seem in love at all.

Chris Harrison has a video on CNN.com where he's on Joy Behar. He says that they know where the leak comes from to Reality Steve and that it's okay because it doesn't hurt their ratings.

Jeanelle said...

I'm SO glad I don't read your or Holly's recaps before I do my own. We are seriously twins! LOLOLOL

Jen said...

Ok seriously, Chris's face was so awesome when he was accused of flirting. Worth 1000 words. I think this season is a bunch of bunk! I think he breaks up with whoever he picks, and hooks up with Ally afterwards??? This show is strictly entertainment value, no real life comparisons whatsoever. I also loved the comment from Chris about all the other contestants getting a visit from a producer in their hometown???? Makes you think a bit huh!


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