Monday, February 1, 2010

A GIVE . .(some love). AWAY

Hello? Anybody out there? *tink* tink* tink* Is this thing ON?

Anywho.. WHO is ready for a GIVEAWAY??? Oh! ME! ME! ME! ME!



Oh! ME! ME! ME! ME!

Not too long ago my mom called and said, "Hey! I want to make a banner for Valentines Day!" And me being a total follower (just kidding-I am so not..Ok, maybe I am) said, Ya! ME TOO! So, I found a cute little banner on-line that I could knock off (thank you etsy) and I DID! And it was cute! And then, I decided to make one for you!

And guess what?

Because I had already made one? And learned from my mistakes? THE one I made for you is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY cuter.

So, put your name down.. and say you want it, and tell me which of my posts you LOVE the most (you have almost three years of them to choose from!) And you might just win... My banner.

So, this is mine.... Up close,

and hanging, (Hopefully you have a very cute mantel to hang yours on... I do not)

It says, BE MINE... cuz, could you be mine, would you be mine, won't you be, MY BABY!

And THIS is YOURS! (Don't worry, I will be attaching cute ribbons to it too, but I was just so excited I couldn't wait until going to Michaels for more ribbon tomorrow!)

But it will have some, and it will be CUTE!

Come on... Your chances are GOOD! :) Enter until Friday, Feb 5th.

** JUST ADDED! A PAMPERED CHEF GOODIE!!! Now, get the banner AND a Pampered Chef tool!


Natalie said...

darling! my favorite's so hard to choose...can i be general? i love your bachelor posts, however, my favorite posts have been when you let us in on the ins and outs, ups and downs, overs and unders, of life with your sweet boy, mr. jaxon. I love how hard you work to 'get' him for exactly who he is and love it along the way. i find jaxon inspiring. and i find your motherly instincts with him perfect.

you've been through a lot these days and i love, love, love (how valentiney was that???) your sunny disposition inspite of many trials! you're amazing!

Arian said...

Ha ha. Love the post. "Tink tink" very funny. Well, I have to admit that I definitely check your blog for the Bachelor posts. They crack me up every time and I find comfort in the fact that I am not the only one who watches it every season! :)

Kara said...

Cute, cute banner! I have always loved your decorating style and your cooking abilities and so I love it when you post about those things. They inspire me to try new things. I also just enjoy hearing about how your life is going.

Heidi said...

Lindsey I miss doing projects and making things with you. I like your posts about the poor stuffed animals that are put into some kind of prison at your house. Your kids must be put in time out a lot.

Leah said...

Oh wow! That is a cute banner? You are a craftastic.

I know this is sounding like a broken record, but totally every Bachelor post. They are SO good. And SYTYCD posts. The food posts, I can't relate to because I hate to cook. And I love all of your posts because it shows how another family with autism keeps on going and enjoys life along the way despite its challenges.

Happy Vday to you and thank you for making a gift for all of us fellow bloggers. Way too thoughtful.

Leah said...

Oops, I mean ONE of us fellow bloggers!

Danika said...

Pick me! Pick me! :) That banner is adorable and we all know I have NO crafting talent...

I like all your posts - they are quite entertaining. But this week I really enjoyed the balloon/hope one...I definitely needed. I just found out that my friend's son (4 yrs old) has cancer and just had most of his left cheek removed.

PS - When are you going to start giving away Pampered Chef stuff?!? Ha ha!

Jill said...

Ah, too cute! You know I love it and all things handmade! So, send it on over here and I'll give it some LOVE!!

Andie said...

Several things. LOVE the banner. LOve the posts on the Bachelor because it's the one show I watch "with" my Mom. The same Mother who had MTV ripped out of the house based on "offensiveness" when I was eleven. Though we all know the real reason was that she just didn't "get" it. Anyway, I've watched the last three weeks with her. And my thoughts on Vienna are that she acts like my 4 year old. Just wants all the attention she can take away from any others. (Have I mentioned Boo is indifferent, at best, towards teh baby.) Vienna has no idea what the final results will be, only that she has never NOT had all the attention on her spoiled rotten little self. I'm beyond thrilled that we actually get to see her hometown visit... FAMILY! Totally the reason I think he's keeping her. Ok, I've said my peace... Oh, except for the girl at the vineyard last week being carried like a toddler? What the????

But back to the banner. Tiney NEEEEDS it!

Hollyween said...

Since I'm a recent reader, I have to say I love your Bachelor posts the best. And do you sell PC? I used to and can't get enough of their stuff. Love. It. All.

So... pick me!

Hillary said...

I am with Arian...the bachelor posts are the best...that show is a train wreck and everytime I read your comments, it really makes me wish I was there to watch it with you so we could smirk over the girls while breaking down their psychosis together.

Linsey said...

I absolutely have a favorite post. It is from August 2008 and it is about your house after your parents came to visit and helped you unpack and decorate. You took pictures of all the rooms in your house and talked about what you had used and where you got it. Decorating is not my forte, but your post inspired me to be a little more daring and a lot less worried.

The Platt's said...

Ms. Lindsay, your blog is one of the very very few that I regularly follow. I am a HUGE fan of the Bachelor posts, but am even more excited about the tributes to cupcakes!!! I love that you make them, buy them, LOVE THEM! I totally relate. I really want your banner b/c then I won't have to make one. Please oh, please oh, PLEASE pick me!

I'll still follow the blog faithfully, even if you don't pick me.

The Grant Family said...

Picking my favorite post is like picking a favorite can you do that!!??!! I love them all! I guess I have a favorite category, and that's Bachelor posts; because that's how I started following you in the first place. When Leah told me about you Bachelor Blogging!

BTW Cute banner...I'd love it! (and who doesn't love a Pampered Chef tool!)

Anne said...

Lindz, I love it all!!!! But, especially bachelor and house stuff.

Danika said...

Okay, I think "follower" is a creepy term that makes me think of a cult, but since it increases my chances of winning, I did it! :)

jessica said...

Oh how I love a give a way! I love this banner and have the perfect place in mind for it!

My favorite posts are many but the ones that brought me some serious joy were the ones where you documented your trip to and from Utah...actually all of your travel posts make me laugh out loud! You have the craziest stories!

I love you and it doesn't matter what you post. I'm hooked on your blog because it is you and you are awesome. How's that for some love.

Jeanelle said...

You know my favorites are the ones that brought us together way back when...the cupcake posts!!!

Jessica said...

Since I actually WENT to Rockwood Bakery today (for the first time--DYING over their Italian creme), I would have to say
1. Cupcake post

then because I'm a foodie

2. THose candy posts

3. The Jaxonism are also pretty dang funny.

Now. mY least favorite? The crafty ones. Because I am not and it stresses me out. That's WHY I need that banner. Because I will NEVER make it.

Ilene said...

I want a banner.

Pick me!

Favorite post? Hmmm... This is what comes to mind:

Your truffle post. I made those chococolate chip cookie dough truffles. So delish.

And I like your befores and afters too. I'm a big fan of those too.


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