Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Oldest

I had a lot of assumptions of who my eldest child would be.

-A boy
-Type A
-Go Getter

I was pretty much dead wrong on all accounts.

Of course this was all before she was born.

* Courtesy of Sarah Goodman Photography

NOW, I know that she is easy going (as long as she isn't too tired), a great eater (foodie), creative, free spirit that doesn't have a type A bone in her body. And those half moon eyes. . . those half moon eyes are her signature to the world. Love 'em. The one thing she is and will always be by name is her father's joy. Which is what Abigail means.

Sometimes that little free spirit clashes with her Type A mommy, but as of late, I have been enjoying it more and more. I love her creative and artisitc spirit and think that she is loads of fun.

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours at a pool, watching glittery little things walking around and dipping in and out of the water. Twirling arms and legs treading fast and furious. She fulfilled a life long dream of mine, and whomever my aquatics partner of the moment was. (Usually, Hillary or Stacy). She was in a Synchronized Swimming Event and won first place. (They may have been the only "rec" team participating, but who is counting right?) My sisters and I would spend hours upon hours choreographing our routines in the pool. NONE of which were as good as Abby's today. You can see her performance HERE.

Since that moment, I have heard nothing but, Synchro this and Synchro that. I think we have more Synchro in our future.

It is a whole new world of "knoxing", bobbypins, sequins and water. And it is all fine by me. Really, it is. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more at that pool. Okay, I would have enjoyed it more if I were IN the pool on a FLOAT. But, it was still great. Synchro, Synchro away.


Carol said...

how fun! she looks really happy!!!

Hollyween said...

She is darling. I had no idea that kids did synchronized swimming. I thought that's just what my sister and I did when we pretended in the pool. That and George Washington hair.

Lauren in GA said...

I am always amazed by synchronized swimming. I used to try and do it but I never could get my legs out of the water far enough.

I loved the litte video. They did a good job. Congrats to them for taking first!!

I loved your description of her. She does sound like a lot of fun.

liz said...

go abby!

Kirsten said...

Good call moving out of Sandpoint. Can you imagine syncronized swimming in N. Idaho? Sounds rediculous. But in Arizona, it makes perfect sense! Abby looks adorable in sequins!

jessica said...

I love that she does synchronized swimming! I love all the pictures, what a darling one you have.

Natalie said...

how fun!! she is so cute:)!


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