Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the right time to do this post..... and it just seems the timing was never quite right. I am not sure it is now, but sometimes, you just need to get it out.

In June, we moved.

No wait, I have to back up a little more. .

Right around THIS time, we decided to have another baby. Yes, we were already planning on "doing our own thing" by moving to Arizona and buying a pizza business. But, I figured by the time we actually HAD the baby, we would have been business owners for 9 months, and we would be all comfy cozy in our new surroundings.

SO, by the time we BOUGHT the businesses, we were pregnant by, oh, a week or two... I guess when we set our minds to doing something, we get 'er done. No time to spare. Anyway, those last few weeks before the move, I was a few weeks pregnant and packing up the house on my own while Peter was already in Arizona getting into the businesses.


I called Peter to tell him about our little arrival over the phone. He had been in Arizona for about a week... Just long enough for him to figure out that our newly purchased businesses had been cooked, and when I say cooked, I am not just talkin' about the pizzas... I am talkin' about THE BOOKS... THE BOOKS HAD BEEN COOKED.

To save his wife a wee bit o' stress Peter decided to wait until I was here to tell me about the situation. I was shocked. (Ok, that is a BIT of an understatement) I am sure you could understand. Even though we had the best laid plans... the A bomb had seemed to go off in our faces. The last 5 months have been spent cleaning up the nuclear aftermath, and to be honest, I am glad we are still alive... albeit a little burned, but alive.


HOWEVER, we had LOTS of WONDERFUL things happen since we have moved here. We were able to start Jaxon on some treatment that was not available to us in WA.

He was accepted by the State of Arizona for Disability Services.

We were able to sell ONE of THREE houses that we own in WA and have renters for the other two.

We feel Abby is in better schooling too! She is light years from where she was in Spokane (sorry Spokane peeps)

We have had MANY, MANY, MANY Blessings. . . too many to count.

Throughout it all, I have been reminded that I have been given so much and have been carefully watched over during this incredibly stressful time. Don't get me wrong. Even though I haven't posted about it here, I have had many days where I have chosen to just lay in bed and cry. I have asked, WHY WHY WHY? I have wondered about the reason for it all. I have wondered WHY we conceived so quickly... when all this stress would have been a little easier without all these hormones... This time has NOT been without lots of blessings, but at times, it has been ugly. I am sure you can understand with the the state our our current Economic Crisis how this could be a bad time for such an event.

The amazing thing is, I have had lots of support. I have alluded to some troublesome times, and I have felt supported by so many of you. Some people have even let me know that they prayed for me... and they didn't know why. Others have sent sweet notes just letting me know that they were thinking about me. In the end, I have clung to this little world of blogging for survival, for support and for something ELSE to think about. I know there are MANY who have posted about being blessed by the little blogging world, and today, here is mine. I have been blessed by you. By your strength, support, shared struggles, and love. Because of you, I have felt LESS ALONE and MORE STRENGTHENED!

So, regardless if my husband thinks I am "playing with my imaginary friends", I know that YOU, MY FRIENDS, are FAR from imaginary and for that I AM


May all of you feel GRATITUDE this happy season.......

PS- We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Law suit settled, Peter looking for work and is in the final stages of interviewing for a great job. We will be GRATEFUL if he gets it. Healthy baby on the way.


jessica said...

I too am so grateful for my imaginary friends. They are some of the best friends I've ever made. Your support and strength has certainly sustained me. Thanks and You're Welcome :)

Kenny and Linsey said...

Wow. I am happy for you that you are grateful for your current situation in life and hopeful that the light at the end of your tunnel gets brighter and closer every day.

Leah said...

Wo, Lindsey. I am so sorry. You have been enduring huge trails. What is so amazing to me is how you have made me laugh and brought me so much joy these last few months while you were experiencing great turmoil. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind and soul and making us all braver people in the process. All I can say is - you go girl! My prayer for you is that the next door opened in this journey will be the rainbow after the storm.

Bridget said...

Wow, Lindsey. What a crazy time for you. Friends, whether real or cyber, are here to buoy you up. You can do it! Here's hoping for calmer days ahead for you girl.

♥Shally said...

You do have a lot to be grateful for, even in the midst of complete CHAOS!

I think it is therapeudic to write it down... to remember the good in your life.

You are blessed.

Jessica said...

Most times, when HF prompts you to do something, you know it's right because He makes things all fall into place for you.

And then every once in a while...
He prompts you to do it and you CLING to that prompting because it couldn't be HARDER to actually do it! (We've had that happen before).

Sorry it's been tough and glad you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep us posted on that job and that baby!

Kara Jayne said...

If I would've known more I would've brought you over a chocolate chip bundt cake. They make everything {seem} better. We really do need to get together.

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm sorry you have had to go through such hard times. Life seems to be getting tougher and the test is will we draw closer or farther away from the Lord. You are doing a wonderful job at turning to Him and recognizing all of your wonderful blessings. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I love Pres. Hinckley's quote I have on my blog, "everything will work out..." HF is SO aware of you. Take care!

Lindsay said...

Hey, I'm so glad it's almost over for you and that you can just start anew. Good luck to Peter and job interviews! We're thinking of you!

calibosmom said...

I'm glad thinkgs are lookin' up for you guys! We've been sued as well and at the time it really sucked but in the end it was a huge blessing to be out of a sticky situation. You're an amazing person and I'm proud to call myself one of your imaginary friends!

Amy said...

Oh. Yikes. I know you alluded to this in the comments on my blog, but I really didn't know what it was all about.
I'm so glad that things are settling down.
Good luck with the job!

Tina said...

Wow. You would never know by the posts you have made in the last few months. You are amazing.
Keep your chin up. Things always get better, even if we want it NOW and not LATER.
I can relate to job stress with my hubby, but when we do whats right, things work out for our good. It will happen for you and for us too.
Thanks for your friendship, even if we have never met. You are a strength to me and so many.

The Grant Family said...

I know we've never met....but I'm not an imaginary friend!!! My heart goes out to you for all the trials you've been going through. I hope the storm ends soon and you find the Lord had blessings waiting that you couldn't have imagined.

Pineapple Princess said...

Behind every quick smile and funny post is usually a trial. . .or two. . .or three. What a grateful heart you have to recognize the blessings that surround and follow your hard times.

Thanks for sharing and keeping my fingers crossed for Peter's new job.

Jeanelle said...

I'm so glad things are starting to look up and so many months of stress. Financial worries are probably the worst and I'm so happy that you're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep hanging in there and never forget we're all here for you!! xoxo

Natalie said...

Lindsey, consider yourself hugged. I hope that you know that I think of you often, just as i do my un-imaginary friends:). You have been thought of on many days and on those days, I have prayed for you because I have learned that when you can't stop thinking about someone, they may need a little extra praying on their behalf. Now I will begin praying for Peter and his new awesome job! You, in the midst of conflict, have lifted my spirits many times and I love having you as my very, very real imaginary friend!

Kara said...

Glad to hear that you're nearing the end. Hoping that the new job works out and that thing keep getting brighter and brighter. Keep hanging in there.

Christie said...

I'm sorry it's not been smoother. Why does it go that way sometimes? Hang in there. One day at a time.

Jenibelle said...

Trials really do suck. You have been amazingly upbeat about the whole situation, I would never have guessed. Kudos to you for seeing the positive, because there ALWAYS something good that comes out of struggles but not everyone can acknowledge that.

I am thrilled that Jaxon is getting services, I know what a relief and a help that is.

So, do you still have the pizza places?

Ilene said...

I'm tired reading just reading about all of your trials. I am also happy that you have found the positive in what could be such an all-consuming negative one.

Hey, just think of the burning as some kind of refiners fire and so you can feel all righteous about these stinky trials.

gab said...

Wow. I'll bet that felt good to get off your chest. And now it will be fun to see how it all works out! Because, of course, it will...

Jill said...

There are always blessing admist our trials, IF we choose to look for them! Glad you were able to find many...the Lord truly loves us. Hope things continue to work out as you desire!!


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