Sunday, March 30, 2008


I may talk about this store a little too much. I don't even live NEAR one and for that reason, I MUST go to the store.. I admit, I am drawn to it... it speaks to me... I think about it... I wonder what wonderful items are on the shelves... I think about what I "need" in my house just so I can have a valid excuse to go there, even though my house is already decorated. But, you know, you always need SOMETHING... well, that SOMETHING can be found at Tai Pan, and usually for a fraction of the cost. I love this store, and will sometimes even make multiple visits. It always pays off, and when people come to my house and say, "Oh, that is cute" My response is always the same... TAI PAN.

My mom and I showed up at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, and we had the WHOLE place to ourselves! (Um, we didn't bother with showering like the rest of the clientele that visit Tai Pan- we are much more interested in just getting in the door and pounding out the pavement.)

When you enter the store, you are greeted with incredible vignettes of merchandise. It must take an army to get this store put together, and it is bigger, with more merchandise than ever before. You MUST click on the pictures to get the full effect.

Do you need a lantern? I loved all of these, I just wish I had a place to put it in my house. Some of these things could only go in a VERY LARGE HOUSE... But they are amazing anyway.

Need a basket?

A glass vase?

A mirror or wall sconce?

They had made these Geraniums into a great door wreath. I will be copying it for the summer. I will be sure to blog about it. :) You can't see them unless you click on the picture, but they are laying down on their sides.

How about hanging a few glass vases from a nearby tree. Love it.

The good news is: I was able to get out of the store on Saturday for less than $100. (I usually end up around $150) But because there is no major holiday coming up, I was able to avoid it... I DID get: the cutest pear shaped basket, fourth of July garland made of felt stars, a ceramic Easter pot with bunny for 75% off, one head of fake cabbage to go in it (sorry Nate) and a fork and knife book easel for cookbooks out of pewter. I could never leave the store empty handed. :)


Shally said...

LOVE Tai Pan. My house is filled with stuff from there.

Anne said...

How have I never heard of this before???

Tricia said...

I'm with you Linds...I LOVE Tai Pan. If only I didn't frequent the place so much! Oh well, the things that bring us joy! =)

gab said...

My mom and sisters cannot get enough of this place. I have never been and my husband is very happy about it. Glad you had fun!

Not quite the Bradys said...

Oooo, yes. I need to go get a fix this week. Thanks for reminding me. : )

Debbie said...

Thanks for the tour of Tai Pan. I have never been there but everyone has told me about it. I will go next time I am in Utah - but then the trouble of packing in my suitcase to get it home.....You taught me everything I know about blogging! Thanks for visiting mine!


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