Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lindsey on Life- and Grey's Anatomy

This week was National Stay at Home week. What on earth does that mean? (You might ask) Well, it means that the new season of some TV shows came on this week and the networks wanted you to stay home and watch TV, so, they called it National Stay at Home week. (What a marketing department, eh?) Anywho... I was excited! I mean, after all, I have my daily arsenal of Tivo'd shows to watch. . . FINALLY there is something on TV!!! RIGHT??? Well, actually, I am finding less and less... a disappointment really. I was really hoping to have something to take my mind off of MY problems, but actually found that what I watched left me thinking about the WORLD's problems.

I guess, in fairness, it all started when Peter and I decided to rent the first season of Mad Men (AMC) on DVD. Critically acclaimed, Emmy crowned, all the rest. Well, it only took us a few episodes (there was only three on the DVD) to realize that this was a full frontal assault on marriage and family life. There wasn't a redeeming character in the bunch. In short, there was no one to "root" for, there was no hero. They were all just a bunch of middle aged men who were clueless about life, commitment and what it means to have a spine. Overall, a total disappointment.

Which leads me to my next big disappointment. The season premier of Grey's Anatomy. Now, some of you might gasp in shock that I even WATCH Grey's Anatomy, but I know many of you do too, so, it won't be a shocker to most. First of all the "sneak peak" commercials were all designed to create interest and shock in all of the events that were going to happen on the first episode... Lies.. .all of them... lies. Jokes, stupidity. Come on. Do you you have to WRITE these things just so you can get an intriguing trailer? Sad. Second of all, I am tired of Meredith and her flip flops. I am with Dr. Yang. It is dumb, get over it. Third, we have ANOTHER total assault on marriage, family, hope and relationships with the constant message of: It will never work. It is too hard. You just start getting chipped away. Then suddenly, you don't know each other. (Actual quotes from the episode)

Obviously no one in Hollywood has any idea of what a "relationship" is. I agree. For most, there is no Fairly Tale. But, that is NOT what a relationship is about. It is about Trials, Growth, Challenges and Endurance. Not to make it sound so UN-GLAMOROUS, but REAL. Otherwise, what is the point to this life and all of its learning? NOTHING. Of course, along with all of those challenges are BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS and some of the MOST REWARDING MOMENTS in life. They are there, but, they are only MORE sweet when we know the hardship and the challenges. Without those hardships... there is no Opposition, and THERE MUST BE OPPOSITION IN ALL THINGS SO THAT WE MAY KNOW THE GOOD FROM THE EVIL. (My husband is going to enjoy this post because as of late, I am having a hard time not complaining about our current trials and my favorite question is WHY US, WHY NOW??? Dearest honey, I understand the concept. That doesn't make it easier)

Moving on: it doesn't snow in Seattle in September, and that ICE DAGGER would have melted inside Dr. Yang long before they would have had to pull it out. Good job writers! Glad you get paid so much to put something SOOOOOOOOO stupid together. Shhesh. I will go back to watching my Reality TV. Thanks to Dancing with the Stars for presenting something that shows that through hard work and determination people can really can accomplish something. (Ok, they could wear more clothes) A worthy lesson. Good Bye Grey's. You are off my Tivo for good.

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is the last post of my "I AM" week and I know it is DANGEROUS to ask the blog world such questions, but I AM STUMPED. We decided early on that our little girl (I mean, before we knew we were having a girl) would be named after her Grandmothers. Grandma Kay and Grandma Jean.

We decided right off the bat that her name would be Kayley Jean. Cute, but, I feel like Kayley is a little over used these days. (Not that Abby and Jaxon aren't completely POPULAR, but we really didn't know that until after they were already named. ) Anyway, we are almost certain that will be her name, but I am still looking out for that girl name.. that has "Kay" in it that is unique and beautiful and all that.

Now, chances that I can get my husband off of Kayley are slim to none. But, maybe the blog world will come up with "THE ONE" that we can't pass up. So, are you up to the challenge? (Believe me, it is a big one) But, I am ready... but remember the rules, it must have "KAY" in it!

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am pregnant with a baby girl. We guessed as much early on because all I was craving was salt, salt, salt. Which, by the way, is NOT totally abnormal. I think Peter's cousin once advised him to buy me a salt lick when she witnessed me pouring salt into the palm of my hand and licking it off...repeatedly. Anywho.....

Even though I have been craving salt... every now and again I crave something sweet. For the most part I take care of those cravings myself because I LOVE all things in DOUGH form. I think I have mastered making cookie dough in record time. (Around 5 minutes). However, from time to time I like to rely on "baked goods" not made by myself to satisfy my cravings because sometimes it is nice to just sit on your heiny and not have to move off the couch to curb a craving...

In enters obliging husband. My husband came out of his hovel.. I mean office... tonight at about 9:58 p which time I uttered something about wanting my favorite GO TO baked good... SVENHARDS. Ever heard of em? Here....

Not just ANY Svenhards will do.. .They MUST BE BUTTER HORNS! I am not a huge fan of any kind of FRUITY filling. Just give it to me plain... with butter on it. In my personal (but incredibly knowledgeable) opinion this is by FAR one of the best baked goods that you can buy and eat and love. Oh, throw a little butter on it, (My husband once said it is like putting butter on a Krispy Kreme) throw it in the microwave for 25 seconds and you have ONE AMAZING BAKED GOOD ITEM WARM OUT OF THE OVEN. I mean, Microwave. Thanks to my mom for starting the warmed butter horn with BUTTER tradition. I will most certainly carry it forward.

Back to the Husband. Being the GREAT husband that he is... he offered to go get me some. No, he didn't offer... he just grabbed his keys off the counter and left. At 10:42... I began to wonder where he might be? I mean, the store isn't THAT far away. I called him on his cell to find that he had visited 7 stores... 7 STORES! To find my beloved Svenhards to no avail. He gave his all... he did his best... I told him to come home. (He still brought me a baked good so I didn't have to go without) NOW THAT IS LOVE I TELL YOU. Thank you honey, you are the best. I guess I better start stocking them as food storage because there seems to be a shortage around these parts.

I don't even feel a bit bad about it because:

A. He wanted to and

B. This is the last chance I have to get ANY pregnancy related TLC that I can get!

So, I am going to soak it ALL IN (and pack it all on)!

I AM All about Free Stuff

This week, each post has started I AM... I will let you know what else I am TOMORROW! But TODAY, I AM all about FREE STUFF! How bout some FREE christmas cards and a great deal on pictures! Check here for more details!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am a clutz.

Definition by Urban Dictionary:

clutz :
Someone who is extremely careless, stupid and a hazard to be around. Trips over shoes constantly, breaks anything he touches, should not be allowed around heavy machinery or anything that might put other's lives in danger.
Mr Clutz walks into old, rich woman's house with lots of v. elaborate, precariously placed ornaments and brakeables scattered around. Clutz: Oooh look a penny! (As he picks up penny, knocks down v. expensive china vase) Old woman: Good heavens! That vase was my Great Grandmama's! Clutz: Huh? What vase?

Thank you to Urban Dictionary for defining my life. Eventhough I was an athlete for many, many years... I am an extreme clutz. HOWEVER, I can catch items flying at me with either hand and amazing precision. I have even caught a glass falling out the cupboard in mid-air.

Apparently having laser like reflexes does not IN ANY WAY make up for being a clutz. That is why why my husband came home today at lunch time, he found me in a pile on the floor with macaroni and cheese mashed up and down my side and hanging from my hair. Simple reason: I slipped on apple sauce that Wade had splashed on the floor. (I was carrying the mac and cheese to his tray) In defense of my lightening fast reflexes, I DID try to catch myself as I was going down by grabbing on to the kitchen island. Unfortunately, I was already too far gone and that just added to the problem when I heard all of the cracking and popping noises in my shoulder. Ouch.

Remember how yesterday I said I was in pain? Well, today I am in more. I need a vacation from myself.

Lest ye think that this was my ONLY clutzy moment.. I will tell you, if there is a shoe, a cat, a hair clip, toy, sharp object or even door mat on the floor I will trip over it. If there is a knife in the kitchen I will cut myself with it... If there is something hot on the stove, I will most certainly get a 3rd degree burn from it. I have split my finger open breaking a glass dish, tripped backwards over an open dishwasher door and cut the tip of my finger off with scissors. I AM that big of a clutz.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was just sitting here, watching the Emmy's, checking out an old picture one of my friends posted on facebook and blogging. (I am excellent at MULTITASKING). As I was scrolling through all of high school friends on facebook I started to realize that I was the one with the youngest kids... Not to mention that I am PREGNANT. Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.... I AM 35 and PREGNANT! WHAT AM I THINKING! All of my other high school friends have long since stopped having babies... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I guess we got married a little later than most, and are now making up for lost time, but I am paying for it...

My body aches in whole new ways. I was complaining to my husband tonight that my back was hurting, my hips were hurting and my feet were hurting (I didn't even clean the floor today! That was YESTERDAY) and then I realized... I. AM. OLD. I am not in my twenties anymore, and I am feelin' it. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person on the PLANET having a baby at this age. (Even though I know I am not) I guess it is just the cold hard reality that I will be having one of these soon.

Late nights, early mornings, crying, diapers, teething, potty training... ONE MORE TIME. I can do it! (RIGHT? This is quickly becoming a pep talk for myself.) MOM, having a baby at 40... WOW. I am in awe. (At least I know where the crazy comes from) Wish me luck! And wish for me a VERY EASY BABY.

Here is to last babies!!! I can't decide whether to be sad, that I won't get to experience this again, or THRILLED I won't HAVE to experience this again! (Help me)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Over Heard

Peter: [Issuing a spelling test to Abby]. Spell Sign

Abby: K.

Peter: Spell sigh

Abby: K

Peter: Honey, go to and see what "Sigh" with a "T" at the end means??

Lindsey: Sigh with "t"? At the end? It is sight.

Peter: Yeah, what does that mean? Is that even a word?

Lindsey: It means, See.. Look.. "I have SIGHT."

Peter: [Sheepishly] Oh, I haven't seen that word spelled forever! It is always spelled SITE! (Like website- or work site...he had been working in development for a while. Please forgive him)


Normal Night Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the food, bless that daddy won't be mad at me, and bless that he will read me the books I want, in Jesus Name, AMEN.

Last Nights Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the food, bless daddy. He gives the best Hugs EVER.

Tonight's Dinner Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thank you for the food. (the food gets blessed a lot around here) Daddy Gives the Best Hugs, Abby is the best Sister, and uhhh... Mommy?.... Uh... she makes the best pizza ever! In Jesus Name AMEN!


Now, Honey, before you go getting all mad about the SIGHT story, other women get to tell their funny stories! Like, Amy shared this story, and this one (and trust me, she has shared A LOT more), and Denae shared this Hilarious Story, and Stie, shared this story and SEEE??? You aren't the only husband that does silly things...

And I know you threatened to start your own website about the stupid things that I do, but let me beat you to the punch because I am SURE the first story you will share is about that time where I ran down the street screaming at the neighbors if they had seen Wade and I sent you to the back yard looking and I sprinted (which I never do) in bare feet for like 20 yards, and was totally freaked out because I couldn't find him... and that is when you told me, I had already put him in the car... THERE. WE ARE EVEN!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Take, Retake or Not to Take at all....

We got our school photos back... Oh, Joy. To say I didn't like them... Is... an UNDERSTATEMENT. I seem to recall a VERY WELL WRITTEN post about this issue. (Believe me, this is a hilarious post. Click on the link!) This is what I said in response.

"Yep, I just buy them because I feel completely obligated to provide the school picture. I mean, I don't want my child at 30 to say... Mom, why don't you have any of my school pictures??? Not gonna happen, not here.. we will take those ugly pix and like it. BTW, you are a fabulous photog."

Talk about a self fulfilling prophesy! Now, the question is... Do I keep 'em and say, SORRY YOU GUYS WERE JUST UGLY BACK THEN! Or do I give re-takes a go and blow some more cash out the window?

I think I will do OPTION "A". It is only fair.. .I can't have my children thinking they were cute ALL The time!
So we went from SO CUTE ABBY Last Year. To THIS YEAR....

Crouched over, straggly haired (we had recess before pictures!) classic second grade photo.

Here is Jaxon last year and THIS YEAR.

Crazy google eyed under bite kid... (I guess I DID compare him to Michael Phelps once.. But, I didn't mean it literally!)

I guess I can just show them this and this when they burst into tears over their horrible photos.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Someone needs to tell her...

Image courtesy of people online.

That there is a difference between SWIMMING GOGGLES and SKIING GOGGLES... Apparently no-one told her. I guess everyone is afriad to just tell her the truth. It is lonely at the top. :0

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Plea to My Fairy God Mother

I WAS going to post a picture of the BEAUTIFUL Orange Hibiscus Flowers that are blooming in my back yard right now... (Do you have one at your house? I didn't think so) But, I went to get my camera out of my purse and low and behold... it was broken. BROKEN. This is the SECOND camera that has broken since our move to this state. Now, I know you may think my purse is not the BEST place for a camera, but how else are we bloggers supposed to document every activity in our oh so exciting lives? Plus, I have not owned a camera over $300 ever.. So, it isn't THAT bad that it was in my purse is it?

Anyway, this happened to be my "back up camera" because my more updated camera broke shortly after our move and now my "back up camera" has bit the dust... and due to our current situation, which I know I have not elaborated on very much here... but, you know, some things are just too hard to blog about, I am not going to be in the market for a new camera any time soon. Anyway, now I am stuck without a camera. I am starting to think that cameras are allergic to Arizona.

So, my blog posts just aren't going to be that exciting any more. Sorry Grandmas and Grandpas... No more pictures of little kids. I am sooooooo disappointed that you won't be seeing any pictures of my now bulging belly. Oh so sad about that!

Maybe my Fairy God Mother will send me one and it will magically appear on my front door. After all, Kelly seems to think there are such things. So, I guess I am acting on her faith a bit. Maybe her FGM will adopt me. Or how 'bout this... if you were going to ebay an old camera because you just got the newest bestest version... lemme know.

In the mean time, here is a picture of that hibiscus. Courtesy of flickr.

Mine looks JUST LIKE THIS ONE... except for the rain drops... Because everyone knows it DOESN'T RAIN HERE!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a baby.........


Wow, you bloggers really know your stuff! Or you are all just wishfully thinking for me. I really wanted a baby girl to just even things out, and that is what we got. Of course, we are thrilled with whatever we are having, but I am thrilled to be able to look in the "girl" section for clothes again. I am also thrilled that Abby will have a baby sister. I grew up with 4 sisters, no brothers, and I know the joy and happiness that my sisters bring to me. I think they will be far apart enough in age that they won't roll down the stairs ripping each other's hair out... (did I do that?) But close enough like me and my little sis Hillary (private blog) to love and enjoy each other through the mommy years.

This is her waving to all of you bloggers... she will see you on (or hopefully before) February 2nd!

We are so excited! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I love about Autism- The Short List

So far, there are two things on my list of things I LOVE about Autism.. this was the first. (Scroll to the bottom of the post)

And this happens to be the second.... Here are my kids leaving for school....

Wait! I hear something coming!!!

Could that be the school bus at my FRONT DOOR??? Say goodbye Wade!!!

Here is where Wade and I disagree. I am always smiling at this point because I don't have to deal with THIS in 100+ degree weather... Remember, I am pregnant. Have mercy. Wade however is happy to say goodbye and wave until the bus doors close and take his playmates away.

Then, he is not so happy.. But I am. FRONT DOOR BUS SERVICE IS THE BEST!

PS- We get to find out what we a HAVING tomorrow! I am pretty sure it is a baby, but if you want to vote before I find out, now is your chance!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can see the light...BLESS THE STATE OF ARIZONA!

There are times that you do things for your children because you just have to. I am SURE you could make up your own list of things that you HAVE to do for your children... such things as wiping bums, doing laundry, fixing lunches the list goes on and on and is EXTENSIVE.

I have to add to that list... MEDICAL BILLS FOR JAXON. Some of you may think, WHAT HAPPENED TO JAXON? Well, nothing really... Jaxon happened. Discovering your child is Autistic is a long winding journey down a road that YOU DIDN'T choose. It just happens to you. From there, you go through a myriad of emotions, disillusionments, denials, heartbreaks, and frustrations.

I recently have come into contact with some women here in AZ who have Autistic Children. We have banded together to help each other with our GFCF diets for our children. I have started to think about Autism like lightening strikes. It never strikes the same WAY twice. But, we still have this amazing connection and understanding of one another. We were all struck by it... just not in the same way. Some cases were more severe than others... but it doesn't matter, we were struck and we have that in common. I love the way women get together to support each other. It makes me even more aware of the importance of the Relief Society in the church.

Anyway, back to the medical bills.. Lets see.. there are Vitamins, Specialists that DON'T accept your insurance, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Rehabilitation. In our current position (3 mortgages in Spokane and rent here in AZ) these things tend to stress me out a bit and even though we find it a financial difficultly to do these things, you just feel like you MUST. Because you would do anything to give your child a better life. RIGHT?


What is the DDD? It is the Department of Developmental Disabilities. They have one in Washington too.. I qualified and never did find out what they could do for me... But I have here in Arizona!!! They can take that Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation bill OFF MY PLATE. And, if I didn't think it would have hurt our status... I would have KISSED the man who came to evaluate Jaxon last week. You see, Jaxon is considered "high functioning" and thus is border-line when it comes to needing services. I mean, that is the thing.. He NEEDS them.. but does he NEED them as badly as someone else? Like I said, bless the man who did his eval. because he qualified him. They want to see Jaxon become a participating member of society AND SO DO I! (It just might take a little more work to accomplish that, but we all hope for it). This is a huge blessing for us, and I felt the weight lifted as he said those magic words.. "Well, I am going to qualify him" MARVELOUS. ANGELS SINGING GLORY BE!!!

Something else MARVELOUS? Back to those ladies.. Well, they are EXTREMELY well informed (better than me) of the issues, qualifications and available resources. THAT is why I depend on them so fiercely and I hope to someday be that same pillar of strength for someone else. I hope to encourage someone and give them direction when they start the GFCF diet. I hope to tell them about the DDD (like these women did for me) and I hope to tell them about the ACT Today program. It is a program that offers grants to families in helping with the care of their autistic children. And UNLIKE our HEALTH CARE SYSTEM... they think things like Vitamin Therapies and GFCF diets help.. and they are willing to help you. I hope to let you know in a few weeks that we have qualified for help with his vitamin regimen and specialist bills. Even though we have just started these alternative treatments, our bills are already in the thousands... Is it worth it? I think so. Thanks be to WOMEN who work so hard to HELP EACH OTHER. Keep reaching out with what you know!

Special thanks to Shari, Abby and Lisa for helping me through all of the resources here in AZ!
PS- I hope this is more uplifting that LAST SUNDAY'S BLOG!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is the perfect compliment to a fall wardrobe. Golds and reds are a MUST for this season. This piece is made with dyed freshwater pearls. There are also Swarovski crystals dusted throughout the necklace. This is a double stranded necklace and is a complete STUNNER!BEAUTIFUL. Don't pass this one up, it is GORGEOUS and will knock the socks off anyone who sees it on you!


This piece was sold EXCLUSIVELY at our convention and there were only a handful made. I snagged it up knowing that it would be the perfect necklace for someone! The stones are a natural colored Jade, and the leaf was hand carved. This is a totally unique piece for a totally unique person! The color and style of Jade is extremely unique and worth quite a bit! Enjoy!


This is a simple piece, but is an amazing accent to any outfit. The the bold carved stone is a piece of green Jade. AMAZING! The necklace is hanging on a piece of brown leather with a barrel clasp in the back. For a closer look, click on the pic.


This piece is a wonderful mix of colors and STYLE! Red Coral, Blue Turquoise, Green Jade and Sterling silver give this piece it's WOW factor. These are all semi precious stones and they are beautiful in cut and color! In the center is a piece of hand engraved Thai Silver. EXQUISITE! The necklace is finished with black leather that has been hand wrapped with sterling silver wire. It has a barrel clasp.

The Auction BEGINS!

First off, thank you very much for participating in the Auction today. I am inspired by how many people want to help Stephanie and her husband Christian. They will need TONS of support (not to mention money) in their recovery. This is my small attempt to help. If you would like to know more about the cause, PLEASE visit here.

REMEMBER, you can feel good about the purchase AND the price because 100% of the proceeds are being donated straight to Nie Nie's recovery fund.

If you want to know the RULES of the Auction, or how to participate, please click here. Thanks again for your participation. It is much needed!

Oh, and special thanks to my "neck model" Wendy!

Nie Recovery Auction Rules for FRIDAY!

When can I bid? As soon as the post appears.

Where do I place my bid? In the comments section of each item's post. Leave the first comment with the starting bid such as "i start the bid at $20". then the next bidder can submit a comment with their bid like, "I bid $30." and with each bidder to follow they just leave a comment with their price. If you are not familiar with how to leave a comment, just click the word "comments" that you see at the end of the post. It will bring up a pop-up window where you can type your comment. If you don't have a google/blogger account DON'T WORRY! Just click the circle next to the "anonymous" option and leave your bid/comment and your name and email. It's as easy as that!

What amount can i bid? Please keep all bids to an even $1--no change please. example: if the bid is $65.00, then the next bid should be $66.00 not $65.50.

How do i know what the highest bid is? Check the comments. it will be the most recently posted comment.

When does the auction end?10:00 PM PST Friday,

What if I win the bid? If you are the winning bidder, just email your contact information to Lindzstew at hotmail dot com. I will also do my best to contact you if you have a blog that is accessible.

How can I pay for the item?I will have you make a donation to the Nielson Recovery fund directly (cute blue button on the LEFT side of my blog). Once you receive confirmation of payment from Paypal, you will forward me that email. I will then ship the item(s) to you!

Will all of the money go to the fund or just a portion?ALL OF IT, I will be paying the shipping myself.So, check back tomorrow and see what's on the auction block!

What if I just want to donate? Click the blue button to the LEFT. WONDERFUL! Thank you for your generosity.

Thanks again for your support!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am sure most of you have heard about Nie. No joke, no ploy, I have been following the story, and even saw local news on the accident. It is a horrible tragedy and there is still much that needs to be done. Nie has a beautiful life and I guess I just think I have an opportunity to help. After all, I have $$$$ of jewelry sitting in my house in boxes.

For those of you that DON'T know, I made jewelry from '04-'07 when I was working as a rep for All Jeweled Up . I stopped when Wade was born, but still have some inventory that has been sitting in boxes. All Jeweled Up only sells the FINEST in semi-precious jewelry with sterling silver claps and wires along with wonderful semi-precious stones, and Swarovski Crystals.. BEAUTIFUL! I am selling 4 pieces here on Friday, and I will pay the shipping to you.

This is a marvelous cause and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Nie Recovery Fund. Thank you in advance for participating.

If you would like to know more, please click here to her sister CJane's blog. She gives frequent updates on Nie's recovery. More about Nie's story? Click here. An amazing video about Nie? Click here. That should be all you need to know to feel good about your purchase. Here is an auction taking place tomorrow... if you miss her stuff... Check with me FRIDAY!!!


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