Wednesday, January 30, 2008

7 Things Tag

Lindsay Stevens said that anyone who read the "Tag" on her blog were responsible for tagging themselves. . . and I suppose we are supposed to reveal deep and dark secrets about ourselves. . . I have WAY more than 7, but here it goes!

7. I have a secret love affair with dough. Ok, that really ISN'T a secret, but some might think it is only cookie dough that I adore. Not so. I adore all kinds of dough and I do not discriminate. I will eat bread dough, cookie dough, cake dough (ok, it is batter, but I still eat it) roll dough, pretty much anything that is in dough form. I am pretty sure that I will meet my un-timely death from Salmonella poisoning. And I don't discourage my kids from eating dough because that would be down right hypocritical.

6. I have been known to be a "rule breaker". I profess to most to be extremely straight laced, but alas, I have done my fair share of rule breaking. My husband will laugh at me because, "Cougar's don't cut corners" but this Cougar broke a MYRIAD of rules while she was in Israel on the Study Abroad program. (Sorry mom and dad!) But I was in good company... Thanks Nicole and Claire~ Maybe I will scan the picture of us in front of AFRICA ZION (a local dance club)! (What did I just say about being hypocritical???)

5. This is something that I have already admitted on my blog, but if you don't check regularly, you may have missed it. I am a serial cookbook purchaser. I have more cookbooks than I will ever need, but I do LOVE to buy them!!! I do make good use out of most of them, and I try new recipes all of the time. (If you didn't notice, check the side bar of my blog) I am often found perusing the cooking mags as I am in the check out line . . .I peruse the rags too, but that is for another admission . .

4. My Ipod downloads would rival any 16 year old girls who was into the most hip shakin' music. Sorry folks. I just can't work out to "Come Come Ye Saints". I would be EXTREMELY embarrassed if someone listened to my Ipod (except for my sisters- because they know, and understand). I am proud of the fact that I download only "clean" versions of songs, but still, most of the songs that are on there, I would never let my kids listen to. I guess I should just be ashamed that the music I listen to even HAS "clean" versions! Maybe it comes from all those years in Jazz class, but I just love to groove!

3. This is an admission that I thought would never get past my husband's ears, but, I guess I am feeling loved enough today. . . and it is kind of related to #4. I have dreams that I am friends with Justin Timberlake. Before you do a spit take, I DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER MY DREAMS! And lets make ONE OTHER THING CLEAR... These dreams are on a purely platonic level, and we are only ever having discussions. . . and hanging out. I guess that makes the dreams even more funny in some ways.

2. I can't believe I just admitted #3

1. I usually keep my house remarkably clean. I mean, that doesn't mean that there aren't baby toys anywhere, or dishes in the sink, I just mean, I like things to be neat, and orderly, and I love having people over because it forces me into the mode of getting everything put in it's place. I love that part of it, and therefore, I love having people over. What you don't know, is that it looks like a bomb went off in my bedroom. . . . at all times.

TAG! You're it!! Kara, Hillary, Amy, Anne, Julie, and Tricia!(And anyone else who wants to play tag...)


Lindsay said...

This was hilarious! I'm going to have to check out your bedroom sometime because I don't believe you! Tell Justin Hi for me...

abbyandcompany said...

I had a dream the other night that heath ledger was my boyfriend. I woke up kinda bummed that he wasn't :)

Natalie said...

Too funny! I laughed out loud because I totally understand. Too bad Justin didn't touch the small of your back.


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