Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Day After

I am sure if you were to see me today, you might say, "How was your Birthday????" And I would say, "Is it OVER?"

Nope, it isn't.

I am still celebrating.

But I WILL tell you what I did yesterday, because I had fun. ALL. DAY. LONG.

First, I sat on the computer and watched all of The FB wishes come in. Yet another reason to love the FB, they notify you of upcoming birthdays! YAY!

Then I watched the page hits on Statcounter load up, and once again, I had LOTS OF CHEATERS. Geesh people. All I ask for is a simple "heya" for my birthday. . you read my post and you can't even give me my ONE BIRTHDAY WISH??? Ouch. I will spend the next year trying to get over it. 73 Visitors, and only 15 comments. WAAAAAAAwaaaaaaaaaaa.

Then I got ready to Coupon! I decided to take advantage of Walgreen's 15% off and free Earth Day Bags. I recycle my plastic bags from the grocery store, but, I am ready to go green. Might as well get a few bags for free!

If you have not added this Coupon-er Blog to your blog reader, you just HAVE TO, because she gets the most insane deals. Seriously. Because of her I got this and a few deals from this post too! Like the Physicians Formula (Just a few bucks after the rebate) and FREE Chapstick and Pledge Mulit-surface cleaner for $1 each! It was awesome to walk out of there with so much FREE Stuff! But I was almost late to my LUNCH DATE!

I met up with some girls for lunch at Paradise Bakery! Yum-o. It was delish. I was loving it. I don't think she reads my blog, but THANKS SO MUCH FOR MY LUNCH SHANNON! I had a great time girls!

After that, I came home and surfed another site which told me how to get FREE FLIP FLOPS from Simple Shoes! YEAH! I had to order one pair (for 14.90 + free shipping-- I got 7% cashback from Cashbaq --tell them I sent you Lindzstewathotmaildotcom) and with as much as I wear flip flops around here it was like. . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 2 Pairs of Flip Flops for 15 bucks! (nice ones too!)

I had to take Abby to her dance class, but met Peter at Cafe Rio for dinner, cuz, NO ONE should have to cook dinner on their birthday. He took the boys home and I did . . . . MORE COUPONING! (I know, I went crazy . . really. . ) I took my Huggies Coupons from and went to Kmart where they were DOUBLING COUPONS! I got 2 packages of pull ups for 5.99 Each, (regularly 10.99) and two packages of Huggies Natural Care Diapers for $5.50 off each! They weren't on sale, but, I will take $5.50 off a box of diapers ANYDAY!
I think all together I saved about $76.00 today! (Doesn't that mean I can go spend THE MONEY SAVED on myself?-- Don't answer that honey, it was rhetorical)

Whoosh, you tired yet? Because I was! Abby and I arrived home to a birthday party for mommy put on by the boys. Peter took the boys to Target and let them get me presents. . . whatever they wanted. . . Jaxon got me this . . .

because he wanted to get me something "pretty" and "shiny" and "sparkly" Close Jaxon... VERY close to what EVERY woman wants. He had the right idea. . . just needs to go a little smaller and circular. I love that boy.
In all, it was a pretty great day!
Thanks to everyone for making it special.
Let the party continue!


Jeanelle said...

I wish I would have known AZ has a Cafe Rio when I was there in Feb! I've never been to one before...dang it! Glad it was a fun day and that it's still going and going and going

Arian said...

Glad you had a great day (week) thus far. Does it count if I wished you a happy birthday on FB the day before your actual bday?? :)

Anne said...

That's the beautiful thing about this life...we get to repent! You know I love you, and am thrilled that you had a fabulous birthday!

Natalie said...

I'm glad that you had a great day! Everyone deserves a wonderful birthday. Especially delightful people such as yourself.

cher said...

Ok, I admit it. I didn't leave a comment yesterday. Is it an excuse that I've had to hold my babe for 2 days straight since he turned into a monster child? One handed typing is for someone with more patience me.

Anyhoo - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! = ) It sounds like you had fun.. keep it up!

Bridget said...

Cool lamp. Next year a diamond, right?

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday from Sandpoint, Happy Birthday to you!!

calibosmom said...

I have the green bags and I keep forgetting to get them out of my car before I go into the store. You totally got me back into coupon mode. I have been saving like crazy-I LOVE couponmom! Sorry I missed your Birthday blog...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Beemer said...

Speaking of couponing... Not sure if this is too SW Texas specific or not, but I am always amazed with the deals posted on the Southwest Coupon Clipper site -

Melissa-Mc said...

That gift makes me so happy. Of course you would want something that is pretty, shiny, and sparkly.

I just added the coupon blog to my reader. Thanks and keep on partying!

Tamra said...

Can your birthday stretch out a week longer so that I can celebrate with you and not feel like such a dud friend? Love you Lindsey! Sorry I missed your big day.


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