Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I tweeted yesterday that I am afraid of the mail. It is true. For some reason, I have developed a healthy fear of the mail. I think it started a couple of years ago when we went out of town for a week or so. We stopped the mail from being delivered and when I went to the post office to pick it up, they gave me one of those jumbo sized buckets with all my mail in it. It took me WEEKS to go through all the mail.

Now, I guess the real problem here is, WHY WOULD IT TAKE ANYONE WEEKS TO GO THROUGH THE MAIL? I ask myself that REPEATEDLY. Honestly, I think it is because of my OCD tendencies. Does anyone else feel the need to look through every magazine? Just in case there is something you need/want/didn't think of?

I have to admit, I am getting better at this. I threw away the Smith and Noble and Land's End Men's Catalog without a second glance. However, I had to keep the Pottery Barn, Lands End Swim, Home Decorators Collection, BYU magazine, Sports Illustrated (for the Hubby) and People Magazine (I got a new subscription for my birthday, YAY!) just in case there was some fabulous idea in there that I needed to copy for my own home. (I admit, I am a decorating copier, I use there great ideas- but get something cheaper) And Lands End Swim? I am probably going to live in a swim suit (it was 98 degrees yesterday) from now until October 1st. . . So, it is a wise investment. However, the problem now is WHEN DO I READ THOSE MAGS? They will sit on my counter for a few more weeks, maybe make it into the bathroom and when I figure I have never looked at them in a 4 week period (1 week mail box, 2 weeks counter, 1 week bathroom) I will finally throw them in the recycle bin. [Don't worry, the People mag gets read]

Then there are the coupons. GEESH I hate those coupon mailers! Here in AZ the coupon adds flood your mail box like reproducing bunnies! Just when you think you have "separated" them, another litter comes along. Why do I feel the need to look through all of those adds! I meticulously peruse them for special deals. I take out the coupons for the Zoo, Animal Park, Hair Cuts, Oil Changes and eating establishments that we go to. . . and then we don't go. Actually, the truth of the matter is, I put them in a basket (my coupon and whatever else junk basket) and they expire. Or I throw them out because I get ANOTHER coupon (the same one) that expires at a later date. I swear I am going to use them SOMETIME! (Am I crazy? I am starting to feel that way)

Then of course there are the bills. . . bills . . . bills. I know they are coming. I know when they are due. Can't I just leave 'em in the box until I need to pay them? Ugh. I hate the bills. I do all of my bill paying on my computer these days (no stamps necessary!) But since my computer is in my bedroom it always take a concerted effort to get the bills to my bedroom and make sure they are paid. ON TIME.

Good stuff in the mail? Like what? Does ANYONE get good mail? Except for Christmas and Birthdays . . . I think NOT. How about you, do you like the mail?

Love it?


Hate it?


Ilene said...

I like to hope against hope that there might be something fun in the mailbox. I am a glutton for punishment.

Hate coupon mailers. I do the same thing as you.

Leah said...


Of course I love the mail! You made my day yesterday with the sweetest little note. That made me feel like a million bucks. This morning my daughter even made a craft by cutting out the little butterflies. :)

I have to admit though, sometimes I throw away the Cabela's ad and put extra trash on top of it because my husband already has enough guns! My kids always tell on me and he digs it out. We laugh about it and it is a running joke at our house. So my husband looks at the ad covered in spaghetti sauce. Maybe he should do the same thing with the Pottery Barn catalog! ;)

jessica said...

I love getting the mail when there is a nice note it from someone like you! Maybe I'll send you a thank you note for the thank you note so you can get something fun in the mail.

I have to admit I look through everything too. I just barely ended my subscrition to BH&G because I saved EVERY issue for some great idea/recipe. I finally went through the huge box I had and decided I have enough ideas to last me a lifetime!

Jeanelle said...

I loathe the mail too and I'm terrible about throwing stuff away until I do a massive purge and then find myself going online to print things I shouldn't have tossed. I hate the coupons, the Oriental Trading catalogs, and the political crap that still comes even though I don't think there's another election for months. I've received four wedding invitations and know of three more still to come before summer is over. Good mail to get, albeit expensive!

Tammy said...

What a smart bog. I am the same with coupons. I always cut them out and then never ever use them. Oh' well.

Natalie said...

hate. it. with. a. passion.

Jill said...

I actually LOVE the mail! I often get fun surprises that I buy on-line because I want something fun in my mailbox, so I make it happen! lol. Seriously though, I like getting my mail and always hope for something fun :)

Bridget said...

Two more hours read this again. Happy birthday! Wow, your birthday will be really easy for me to remember.

I hate getting the mail too. Because it does take forever to go through. So I wait until my box is completely stuffed before I go get it adn sure enough it takes forever to go through. Self fulling prophecy.

Melissa-Mc said...

Most of my coupon mailers, catalogs, and fliers go right to recycle.

The Grant Family said...

Happy almost birthday! I must say I don't mind the mail. Of course I don't take it out unless I'm ready to sort and trash immediately. It feels like I'm searching for buried treasure. Of course there is rarely treasure....but you never know!

Beemer said...

I could have totally written every single line in this post. And I can't tell you what a creepy Big Brother camera in my house feeling that was. :)

There is mail stacked on every single surface in our house because I haven't taken the time to go through it yet. I also haven't checked it in 3 or 4 days and generally don't until the postman either leaves the box open so I can see how cram packed it is, or leaves the bundle on the door step because the mailbox is too full to put any more in.


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