Thursday, April 2, 2009

Belated Birthday

I love that you can celebrate a two year old's birthday a few weeks late, and he doesn't even realize it. I need that kind of mercy right now. We waited for some more family to be in town to celebrate and although it wasn't the "real day" he still loved it!

He is obsessed with his brother's Razor Scooter, so, we got him one of his own. This Radio Flyer rocks! He loved it, it was perfect. Unfortunately, he slept through his birthday party. It was in conjunction with K's blessing day. FORTUNATELY, he slept through his birthday party! It was after 12:00 after all, and ALL of us were happier that he was a well rested boy. He got to eat cake after he woke up.

He was a lot more civilized about than last year, and actually, right after this picture, he asked for a fork. I am still enjoying him quite a bit, except, during spring break, he had a rotten cold and was miserable and making ME miserable, so I gave him his binki back.. HUGE MISTAKE. Now I can't seem to take it away again.

We love Wade's personality, and my favorite thing he does right now is when he runs into a room he says, "Hey-ya!" It is so cute. He recognizes all of his letters ( I know!) and is USUALLY so much fun. However, he knows how to throw a serious tantrum . . . but as soon as you can get him to reason, he snaps right out of it. We love him bunches and can't believe that he just turned TWO! Where did the time go? I mean, my BLOG is almost that old!!! If you want to see some great pictures of Wade, click HERE. But, if you want to see the Wades TRUE COLORS, I'll give you this one. Sarah sent me another pic of our photo shoot.

That just about says it all!



Melissa-Mc said...

I absolutely love that picture of him with his hands over his eyes. Happy Birthday, Wade.

Linsey said...

My 3 year old only recognizes about 6 letters, way to go Wade (and Wade's mom!). We just celebrated my 1 year old's birthday 2 months late, but we did it, right? Love it when kids are forgiving. You're a supermom, keep up the good work!

Bridget said...

What a cutie. I love that you celebrated it a few weeks late. A great advantage of having a toddler.

calibosmom said...

That kid is way cute!

Natalie said...

i'm not going to tell you how many letters my 4 and almost 2 year olds know. because it's none of your business. {and more truthfully, i'd be embarrassed)

happy birthday anyways to a cute smarty pants!


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