Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter: A Bust.

Does this look familiar? Remnants of Easter. . . EVERYWHERE??? I would be lying if I said this particular mess was left by anyone other than. . .ahem. . myself. Actually, you wouldn't have seen a mess like that in MY house last night, because, there wasn't one. Because, our Easter was a BUST! (And because Peter cleaned up Easter while I was at my sister's house with Abby trying to actually CELEBRATE IT!)

Jaxon woke up with 103.8 degree fever. . . I had to teach a lesson in church, so, instead of getting all dressed up in our Easter Garb, and snapping an awesome pic to post here today. . I got nothin' . Cuz Abby and I were the only ones that got dressed and went to church. Didn't take Jaxon (sick) didn't take Wade (too much trouble) didn't take Kaylin (needed to teach a lesson) and didn't take Daddy cuz he took care of the Crazy Bunch at home. (Kinda like the funky bunch, but different) Hmm. . . I hope THIS doesn't happen EVERY year! It seems to be becoming a pattern!

Anyway, that wasn't the ONLY bust. . . We didn't color Easter eggs (because I didn't want to even ATTEMPT that with Wade). We didn't' frost Sugar Cookies. . . (I got the supplies, but ran out of time) And we didn't go to the Easter Egg Hunt, (Because it rained--- I know YOU all went in the rain, but come on. . . I don't even own COATS for my kids anymore! Just sweatshirts!) Not only that, but Kaylin decided that to get in the spirit of things, she was going to keep mom and dad HOPPING all weekend because she cried for most of it. (HOWEVER, she has slept through the night for the last three nights. . and is peacefully sleeping RIGHT NOW :)

But, here are a few of the things I DID do. . . . made Waffles and Strawberries for my kids (who were out of school) on Good Friday. . Whipped Cream and Easter Sprinkles included!
AND. . . Dressed Abby up like this:

To go to THIS!
The Performance at the Temple Easter Pageant was seriously impressive, and left an impression on my daughter that I am hoping will last an entire lifetime. I loved it, and it was TOTALLY worth sitting in the cold (68 degrees feels REALLY cold, OK??) Trust me, we were grateful for all those clothes, blankets and sweatshirts!

Nothing like a little mother/daughter bonding time.
(Ps- if it looks like I did my hair, but did NOT put on make-up, that would be the case, because these days. . . it is either ONE or the OTHER!)
Wow, now that I think about it, Peter spent ALOT of time with the funky bunch this week! Thanks Honey!


Jeanelle said...

1. I cannot believe the Washington girl who is still somewhere deep inside of you can say that 68 is cold. Seriously! Torrential downpours for us all day yesterday and there is freaking snow in the forecast for the higher elevations tomorrow!
2. The frosted sugar cookie bars I linked to this weekend turned out SO good. The thought that you can have a frosted sugar cookie in so little time & with so little effort (albeit not in a fun holiday shape) is a little scary. However, I made all butter frosting instead of their recipe because shortening is just not allowed in frosting. Anyway, next time, try that recipe.

jessica said...

68 degrees!!!! So not fair! Having a sick kiddo and a lame Easter...definitely not fair!

Hillary and Trevor said...

Well it doen't seem ALL bad... If Peter had written the post I might have a more sympathetic view. That's fun to spend special time with Abby! And hopefully little Kaylin will find a balance of wearing herself out screaming and then sleeping it off all night. Good luck.

Melissa-Mc said...

Even though you weren't able to do everything you wanted, you did do a lot of great things too.

gab said...

In all our visits to the Valley of the Sun, we have never been to the Easter pageant. I am going to make it happen. Next year! We can sit together, k?

Pineapple Princess/Pip/Shauna said...

Sounds like you hit the most important parts of Easter--good food and the awesome Easter Pageant. And I would have taken a blanket too. . .if we had gone this year. Hated to miss the tradition, but obviously I was not brave as you to try and miss the rain.

Happy Easter.

Julianne said...

I was just thinking how great you look, it is nice to see you and Abby having such a great time. I am sorry that your kiddos were sick.

Bridget said...

Sick kid on Easter? No fun. I do have to laugh at the no egg hunt due to rain though. Here in the NW its rain or shine for evrything. We have had egg hunts in when its raining cats and dogs and 40 degrees out.

Christa said...

Oh, Lindsey...I am so glad to read about someone else whose life is as crazy as mine is at times! Kids just keep you hopping. My baby is 10 months and if there is ever a day i get both hair and make up done, that is a miracle!

Lindsay said...



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