Monday, April 27, 2009

Like a piece of meat

I am having issues.

I want to clean my house

But laundry and dishes seem to keep me PLENTY busy.

I want to work out

But I am always teetering on the verge of being exhausted.

Just when I think K is going to sleep through the night

She doesn't.

I need a place for everything

But everything is NOT in it's place.

I am enjoying my kids so much these days

But they are SO MUCH WORK!

I have funny Jaxon stories to tell

But no time to blog!

I didn't nurse Abby or Jaxon and I only nursed Wade part time

But now I know what it feels like to have your baby look at you like a piece of MEAT! (And for the record, it cracks me up. Her little tongue darting in and out and her lips smacking. It is hilarious)


cher said...

Oh Lindsey... I truly do empathize with you. If I had the will and energy to post something, it would be nearly exactly what you wrote. We have to remember that we'll get lots of years to clean and exercise and otherwise indulge our OCD compulsions - but we only have a few more months to snuggle these babes. Enjoy - I'm thinking about you two.

Arian said...

Amen, sister! I couldn't agree more with you. So many things to do but so little time to do them. It is interesting though that with everything on the to-do list, I am happiest when I am cuddling my little Danica or snuggling with my boys reading books. I need to remember that when I am frustrated during the day. Good luck!!

Cassi said...

Amen. You're amazing, Lindsey.

jessica said...

So I can relate to everything except the piece of meat thing...well then again I do have a husband...

Leah said...

Jessica's comment cracks me up.

Lindsey...we ALLLL feel the EXACT same way. I have 5 rooms and a hallway right now covered in mixed up dirty and clean clothes all over each floor. I got out the next season's clothes, then my kids dumped a few folded clothes baskets, and dumped out a few drawers and then used the floors as hampers. It is shocking. I've GOT to get to work so I can see some carpet but there are other things I'd rather do. Like type a comment on your blog!

Take a nap and enjoy the mess because a loving family created it and is living and loving there.

Melissa-Mc said...

In these situations, I just have to remind myself that it won't last forever.

Julianne said...

When you figure out how to do all that you need and want to PLEASE share the secret. I do love that you are now a piece of meat. Enjoy it!

Bridget said...

Ah, yes. Feeling like you are one giant boob. I remember the feeling. I don't miss that. I am feeling so behind on everything too. Blogging, cleaning, volunteer stuff at school...and now my youngest is sick. GRRRR.....


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