Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down-right Spooky

I knew putting that one first would make you laugh.. .

Things around here are down-right spooky. .
(Who is that even??? It doesn't even look like my daughter!)

But not because of me. . Because I have not gotten out a single, solitary Halloween decoration. I just can't do it. . . I mean, Where would I put it? Every square inch of surface is taken. Maybe next year. . .There is always NEXT YEAR.

But thanks to Pam, my kids had a lot of fun today. Who is Pam? Wade calls her Grandma, but Pam is Jaxon's respite worker. What is that you might ask? She is a complete and total angel who has been hired (by the stat of Arizona of course) to take Jaxon to and from therapy for me. . .and consequently, she has adopted my kids as her "grand kids" and brings them all sorts of fun stuff. We love her, and if I knew she was going to read this. . (she doesn't have Internet) I would say, PAM... YOU SAVE MY LIFE ALMOST EVERY DAY!



Jill said...

Those are hilarious!!

jessica said...

So So Silly! Oh I am so glad you have Pam. I need a Pam really, really bad!

Natalie said...

those glasses are funny! Would you give pam a message for me? Here it is: Pam, would you like to live with a charming brood of children and a mother who are in need of your lovliness? Dinner will be provided (chances of that greatly increase if you make it), you can have your own room (it is the toy room but they will stick a bed in it for you), and they will love you and praise you every single day if you come and live with them? if you're interested please call ***-***-****. Thanks!

liz said...

evan laughed so hard when he saw these pictures last week!

Melissa-Mc said...

Funny! Keep those around for when you are having a really bad day.


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