Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am finally doing it. FINALLY! I have been putting it off for almost 9 months. I was tired, I was worn out, I didn't want to . . . but the thing is. . . It is time.

I am working out
and I am going to lose it. .

Some of it.

The baby weight I mean.

20 lbs.. I hate losing weight. It goes against my natural desire to cook and bake.

I haven't really "tried" since I had Kaylie because I just didn't want to! But I think I am ready. I am sick of looking in the mirror at these 20 lbs. I realized that the people who know me here in AZ pretty much think I look like this all the time. . . Because I have either been pregnant or post pregnant since I have lived here!

Now, I have no excuses. (Except being tired of course) My first excuse was:

I have a newborn! And 3 other kids! And a family crisis going on!!!

The it was: It is Spring Break! My kids are home! I can't do it now!

Then it was: It is HOT outside and I don't have a gym membership and I am MOVING! (I actually did lose a few lbs. during the move, which I promptly gained back)

Then it was: My kids are out of school!

Then: My kids are going back to school!

Then: It is still too hot outside!

Then: My kids are on fall break!

Then: It was going to be: but the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING UP! And before I knew it, it K was going to be a year old and I would be carrying around all the extra lbs. for a year!

I took it as a sign when I found my Slim in 6 diet book. Oh come on, you know I LOVE INFOMERCIALS!

I have used it before... after Jaxon was born (or something like that) and it WORKS. It really does!

I found it a few days ago and realized it was just what I needed to get back on the bandwagon. SOME DISCIPLINE and some DIRECTIONS! It gives you a step by step what to do and what to eat and I need that kind of instruction at the start. . . Otherwise, I lose focus and start eating whatever and then suddenly, I am just off my "diet".

It needs to be hard core at first... until I see some results and believe me. This one IS!

Yesterday was my first day. I was hungry.

But today (day 2) I already feel ok, like I am going to make it. Believe me. It is no fun. I don't eat the same dinner as my family etc. But, it is a 6 day plan. . and ANYONE can do ANYTHING for 6 days, right?

Wanna join me? Let me know. I will e-mail you the details!



Natalie said...

i'm intrigued...what do i have to do? i've never 'dieted' before... is it a diet or lifestyle change:)? all i know is that my jeans don't fit and i have gained a good 8-10 lbs in the last couple of months.

Kirsten said...

My diet (and extra 20 lbs.) would greatly appreciate it if you would stop posting yummy pumpkin muffin recipies (which are really pumpkin cupcakes) on your blog.
Just kidding - please keep posting. At least my family can enjoy them.

Danika said...

Not gonna happen here with my three favorite "eating holidays" on the horizon. I don't want to set myself up for failure (I do it well enough on my own without setting myself up). I will ask you about it in January...when my jeans fit even less! :) Good luck!

Linda Merrill said...

I want to know about Slim in 6 ....does it cost anything? How do you do it?

Kara said...

I want to know! I still have at least 10 to go and I am working out and nothing is happening.

Arian said...

That sounds very interesting. What are the details of the diet? Good luck and hope the six days go fast for you! I am proud that you are working out again. I am starting to teach spin classes, so if you ever want to sweat it out, let me know and I'll get you into my gym with a free pass. :)

The Grant Family said...

I FINALLY started the whole whole weight loss thing at the end of July. I wanted to do it after my last baby because then I knew I'd run out of the "I'll just gain weight again when I'm pregnant" excuse. If I didn't do it now, then when...if ever. I was worried at first because I've NEVER and I mean NEVER in my whole life lost weight. I just go steadily up. Well, I did it! I think I didn't lose before because I just adjusted diet OR excercised. This time I did both. I'm kind of doing Body for Life and a bit of The Biggest Loser. Basically just exercising Mon-Fri and taking the weekends off. And also during Mon-Fri I only consume 1200-1300 calories. I do protien shakes too. It helps knowing I can take the weekends off. It's worked......I'm down 27 lbs!!!! Good luck on your journey!

mamazita said...

ummm....i totally own slim in six. you should have waited for me....lol

jessica said...

You go girl!!!! My top three things I hate doing....

3. Going to gyno
2. Looking for a job
1. Losing weight

I hope the next four days fly by!

Melissa-Mc said...

I am going to start "something" on November 1st. I don't know what yet, but exercise and healthy eating are in the plans.

liz said...

you go girl!

sorry- late to the reading party on blogs this week. this is a good one- way to be!

you can dooooo it! (think adam sandler)


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