Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I LOVED LOVED LOVED So You Think You Can Dance on Monday night. LOVED it. It was awesome... amazing and wonderful... and then, today I read this:

It made me sad. She was hard, weird, and sometimes an egotistical nightmare... but the truth is:

I will miss seeing her work.



The Grant Family said...

Thanks for the news.....I will definietly miss her work. :-(

Jeanelle said...

Oh this is awful news. Even though I couldn't stand some of the crap that came out of her mouth, her dances were always my favorites.

Jill said...

Bummer, I liked her. Thanks for keeping me in "the know!"

Leah said...

I'm still ticked off the crumper was in the bottom 2. Hello, he should be in the FINAL 2!!!! And my favorite dude is gone because he is sick. That stinks. I don't like the new set. Can't see the dancer's faces on it as well.

It will be a good season as always!
(the tap is a little boring but I know they are gifted)

jessica said...

Amen Leah!

I wiss Mia terribly! She made me so angry sometimes but her work is genious. At least we still have Wade....yes we still have Wade.

I was so mad that Russel was in the bottom two, I thought Peter should have been dancing for his life. And don't even get me started on losing sad...

Natalie said...

double amen to leah and jessica. ththtpppppptttt. (that was the farty sound you make w/your mouth when you are displeased with something)


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