Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • I am making Pumpkin Muffins right now. Like RIGHT NOW. Make some. Be sure to put the Cream Cheese Frosting on top. . . Don't even think about leaving it off. DON'T. If you do. . you don't love me.
  • You will thank me later.
  • Take the last swig of milk RIGHT out of the milk jug. It is liberating.
  • I fought today, and won. Keep fightin'.
  • Loved Nie on Oprah. Loved her synopsis even more.
  • I wish they would have spent more time on her. Her story was more 'inspirational' and to me, the other story just seemed plumb tragic.
  • Fall TV, do you have any new favorite shows? Let me know, because I could possibly provide my ever so charming critique.
  • I need a nap.
  • Speaking of which, K woke up upset at about 4:45 (she went back to sleep THANK GOODNESS!). As I walked to her bedroom, I saw the light glowing downstairs. Wade was up watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. . It was on to the second video on the DVD. I am not sure how long he was up, but, he has been asking to go back to bed since 10:00 this morning. So, I guess. . . he was probably up since 3:00 a.m.?
  • Yes, Wade can turn on the TV, DVD, and even knows how to work the DVR. It is sad/scary, but true.
  • My house smells like pumpkin muffins.
  • I don't like the smell of this rental. Except for now.
  • Applesauce is on sale for $1.75/6 pack at Target. If you buy 5 (=$8.75) they will give you a $5 gift card. . . It is like paying .75 a 6 pack.
  • and canning raw meat.


The Grant Family said...

Mmmm....the smell of pumpkin muffins baking is like making a home smell like HEAVEN! MMMMM!!! Yummy!

BTW I've been watching The Biggest Loser.

jessica said...

I want those muffins but I am way too lazy to do something about that. I am watching the Biggest Loser too and of course SYTYCD. Can I just say I am so disturbed that they put the stripper through to choreography...REALLY!!! I am also a little freaked out by the that russian ballroom dancer Ivtka, I don't know if that is her name but it has lots of consanants. Anyway she is kinda freaky looking but she is a great dancer.

Leah said...

I didn't know you could can raw meat.

I like Project Runway on Lifetime. It's my first time watching it this season. Of course SYTYCD is always a gem.

Natalie said...

biggest loser and so you think you can dance. the office and now community. it's pretty funny stuff.

i'm sorry that you don't like the smell of your house. i am way too olfactory hyper for my own good. i can totally empathize.

i am now yearning for a pumpkin muffin now and who wouldn't put cream cheese on top? that would almost be a transgression.

you still haven't answered. what kind of raw meat are you canning? i have to say that we are LOVING our turkey. i didn't think i would be able to even look at it but we eat it a lot and it is mighty tasty. i didn't can it raw though. i cooked it first.

thanks for letting us in on your randomness. as always, it was delightful.

calibosmom said...

I love knowing your random thoughts.

Melissa-Mc said...

For me, the more frosting the better. When I have trouble with our VCR/DVD, computer, etc, I ask my 11-year-old son.


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